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Don't miss the Shoe Goomba in Paper Mario: The Origami King!

by Xander Morningstar - July 19, 2020, 1:23 pm EDT
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Sometimes you should walk instead of driving.

If you’re playing Paper Mario: The Origami King right now, and are hoping to complete the game in its entirety, then I’m here today to tell you to make sure you don’t miss the Shoe Goomba in Breezy Tunnel. This is very important. To complete the game, one of the challenges is to fight at least one of every enemy in every region of the world. That doesn’t mean fighting just one Goomba, it means fighting at least one Goomba in each region a Goomba is available to be fought. One particularly elusive enemy is the Shoe Goomba which I could only find in Breezy Tunnel. I suspect most players will miss this enemy because upon entering this area, you are provided with the Shoe Car, which can pulverize enemies in the overworld. This means most players will likely drive over one of the enemies in Breezy Tunnel that contains a Shoe Goomba to be fought, never to see this mythical shoe-clad minion again. Sometimes it pays to walk instead of driving! But that Yoshi mileage though…


TheXenocideJuly 21, 2020

Maybe I just got lucky, but I fought two separate battles containing this goomba within a minute of getting the car, and I entered the battle while in the car.

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