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Nintendo World Report @ Nite: The Zelda Buffet

by Neal Ronaghan, Donald Theriault, and Matt West - March 12, 2016, 7:36 am EST
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I hear it's a nice fusion place.

Hey everyone! Tonight on Nintendo World Report @ Nite, Donald is joined by Neal and Matt West to talk games of the week and some news bits. Why is Neal worried that Aonuma's comparing Zelda Wii U (/NX?) to a buffet joint? Should we be jealous of Gamers Club Unlocked members who got the Bravely Second demo early? How many Pikachu have fallen at the hands of an evil chandelier? (All of them.)

All that and a special series replay announcement tonight at 10 Eastern / 7 Pacific. We'll see you there!


OedoMarch 13, 2016

I'm hoping those single player stats moving over to online play were for friendly matches and not ranked. I remember Ty saying the game was DOA in arcades on the Famicast because they did the same thing with that release (and people had the same experience as Donald of getting their ass beat simply because they were underleveled). They're trying to market it, at least in part, as a competitive fighting game, with the EVO spot (which no doubt required a big push from Nintendo) and all the invitational stuff they're doing with people from the FGC, so I'm going to hold out hope that this isn't the case for ranked. Guess I'll find out soon enough either way.

fred13March 15, 2016

If anyone is jealous of the Bravely Second Demo codes you can have mine I didn't enjoy the first game and now I'm too engulfed in Fire Emblem Fates to care to try it.

Just make sure to comment on here when you used it so that nobody else wastes their time trying to use it


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