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Zelda U Deep Dive

by John Rairdin and Neal Ronaghan - December 9, 2014, 7:02 pm PST
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Neal and John tell you how Zelda is going to be... maybe.

Site director Neal Ronaghan and video guy John Rairdin dive into the new gameplay footage of The Legend of Zelda on Wii U. Maps will be analyzed, saliva shall be drooled, and horses shall be mercilessly run over.

Did you notice something we didn't? Do you have a theory of where this game takes place in the Zelda timeline? Let us know in the comments.

Zelda U gameplay video was reformatted by 8WorldsNews.com and is used with permission.


Evan_BDecember 09, 2014

You guys gotta try to cut down your introduction a bit. It took at least four minutes before you even started talking about the footage itself, and that turns a 22 minute video into an 18 minute one.

buttleDecember 10, 2014

I'm getting very excited for this game.  I don't know if there's too much information to get from the video, but it's fun hearing you guys talk about it.

fenrir_VIIDecember 12, 2014

One other thing I noticed that I didn't hear you guys bring up (sorry if you did)...

When Link pulls the bow, looks like you can switch arrows with up and down on the dpad. Probably a tie in with the remaining mystery in the E3 footage.

I'm calling it now... Link is Hawkeye now.

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