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Disney Infinity Video Walkthrough

by Jared Rosenberg and Guillaume Veillette - June 10, 2013, 7:15 am EDT
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Watch over 10 minutes of gameplay footage from the Wii U version of Disney Infinity.

NWR had the opportunity to play the Wii U version of Disney Infinity at a special pre-E3 event. The Wii U version will have some unique features including Off-TV Play. Check out a gameplay video of the game below featuring commentary from one of the game's producers.


CericJune 10, 2013

This game doesn't look fun at all.  Honestly would have rather seen that they re-released Disney Universe but with actual characters.

I don't see my son being able to play this game when he went with "You have to equip this".

I do like Capsules.

Also is their anyway to get 2 Mics?  One for NWR and one for the Representative.  I know I could do it with my H4n.

Destructive Pig is a GOOOOO. (Also Universe has mounts as well.)

Split Screen really.

I'm just not feeling it on this one.  Some people will love it but... For what its going against to Open World.

SeaNetJune 10, 2013

I have about $200 pre-ordered for the Wii version already.. I'm afraid it's going to be the inferior version, but considering I don't have a WiiU yet, it's probably the best for me.  -please done be that inferior.. have online access...
At least.. at some point and time when I do eventually get a WiiU, all the figures will be usable on that system as well. :)

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