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Nintendo 3DS Press Conference Videos: Nintendo Games Part 1

by Pedro Hernandez - September 13, 2011, 1:14 am EDT
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See the latest trailers for Nintendo's upcoming 3DS efforts.

Several trailers for Nintendo's games shown off at today's 3DS Press Conference were released. For many of them, two trailers were released: One a special trailer, the other a gameplay trailer.

The videos are as follows:

Fire Emblem:

Luigi's Mansion 2:Mario Kart 7:Mario Tennis:Paper Mario:
Tomodachi Collection:


NintendoFanboySeptember 13, 2011

HUMMM, the FireEmblem stuff looked like a DS game.
anyone tell Nintendo that  Level 5/SquareEnix did that kinda graphics and gameplay
on the regular DS, DQ IX anyone?  Now u give us a game i'm sure could be done on the DS?
Better be an early build.

CericSeptember 13, 2011

Tomodachi art style scares me.

AzagthothSeptember 13, 2011

Luigi's Mansion looks good, and Mario Kart looks excellent, but Mario Tennis looks like the exact same as the GBA version. I mean, I guess it is tennis, there isn't much that can be done to make it more exciting. I just wanted a new take on the controls or something to get me excited about it.

house3136September 13, 2011

Wait, if Luigi is supposed to be a plumber, how come he can only barely see over the toilet bowl in the mansion? What size of individuals live there?

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