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Episode 201 - There's Been Seven Expansions

by Perry Burkum, Casey Gibson, David Lloyd, Justin Nation, and Jordan Rudek - July 16, 2020, 5:17 pm EDT
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Whoa, another big episode! And, we are joined by The National Treasure himself, Justin Nation and those Canadian studs David Lloyd and Jordan Rudek.

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Perhaps after a four hour and 40 minute show you might have thought we would come back with a shorty, but how wrong you would be! That's right, we have nearly another three hours of goodness coming your way and yes, more guests to boot! We kick off the show by talking Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and some WoW before being joined by Justin Nation to talk about Atomicrops. Then it's time for another rendition of The Dirty Mage when David and Jordan swing by to talk about StarTropics!

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