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Episode 127 - Blackout 99

by Perry Burkum, Casey Gibson, Xander Morningstar, and Jordan Rudek - February 21, 2019, 3:47 pm EST
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A shakeup to the eShop Roundup is upon us, but before all that we got games! Downwell, Tetris 99, Knights of Pen & Paper, Yoshi's Crafted World Demo, Modern Combat: Blackout, and The Lost Light of Sisu. Jordan and Xander stop by for some fun.

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Boy howdy do we have an episode for y'all! Casey and Perry have been busy slaving away with their Switchs and with good reason. Perry's lineup looks a little something like this; Knights of Pen & Paper, Tetris 99, and Modern Combat: Blackout. A nice diverse spread to keep him on the top of his game. Casey's been jamming out to more Downwell, Tetris 99, Yoshi's Crafted World Demo, and The Lost Light of Sisu. Actually another pretty nice spread. Safe to say we've got something to talk about for everyone out there.

For the last two plus years, we've been going over every single eShop release, but with the never ending supply of games coming to Switch, we've decided to Switch it up a bit. Instead of reading every game, we'll be looking at the lineup ahead of time and pick one to three games that look promising then pick our ultimate Game of the Week! We hope you like the new format as it will open the door for us to bring back some segments we've neglected for too long, like Developer Dives and I Demand Yous!

Hey we got time now since we didn't rattle off 30 games, so Perry decided to surprise Casey by inviting Mystery Reversery vets Jordan and Xander on for a game! This is easily our closest game yet and features some really fun games!

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