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Episode 119 - Rerolling

by Perry Burkum, Alex Culafi, and Casey Gibson - December 27, 2018, 6:27 pm EST
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Alex Culafi stops by for our final show of 2018 to talk Gris, Katamari Damacy Reroll, Smash Bros Ultimate, Xenoblade, and even some good ol' Kirby. Then what better way to close out the year than another game of Mystery Reversery!

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With the final show of the year upon us, we're joined by Alex Culafi to talk a whole bunch of games. He's been busy since last time we talked as he's got six games to talk about including the newly release Katamari Damacy Reroll for the Switch. But he's also been diving into a bunch of Kirby and Xenoblade as well while still finding time to dabble with some Smash Ultimate. One game he hasn't been playing is Gris, but luckily Casey's got his back. And for Perry? Well lets say being a Pert that big is a full time job.

If you thought perhaps with Christmas and the New Year we might see a dip in eShop quantities, boy were you wrong. Another 30 or so games to talk about before being treated to another round of Mystery Reversery! Yessire, Perry has another set of games for us to guess, but does Casey do as poorly as normal? Probably, but you'll have to see listen to see hear how bad. Then we wrap up the show and the year with some Craiglist finds!

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LemonadeDecember 29, 2018

It's always a good episode when Alex is a guest

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