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Episode 116 - The Return Of Reverse

by Perry Burkum, Casey Gibson, Xander Morningstar, and Jordan Rudek - December 6, 2018, 4:21 pm PST
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The boys get down to business with Guacamelee 2 and DOOM. Perry premieres a brand new Chicken Wiggle song! Then Jordan Rudek and Xander Morningstar stop by to play MYSTERY REVERSERY!

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Perry's been music plugging away on Chicken Wiggle's soundtrack, but still found some time to dive into DOOM. He's quickly reminded that DOOM is amazing. Then we're treated to the premiere of "Slumber Town" one of Perry's latest tracks for Chicken Wiggle! Casey on the other hand is jumping right into a genre he doesn't particularity love, the ol fashioned METROIDVANIA! Well good thing it's Guacamelee 2 and it kicks as much keister as the original.

After a hefty eShop, Cassie and Pert are joined by Jordan Rudek and Xander Morningstar to play MYSTERY REVERSERY! That's right, it's back baby. And if you didn't remember exactly what game this was, that's okay because neither did I. Perry has selected five songs and taken snip-its and reversed them. It's Casey, Jordan, and Xander's job to figure out the game.!

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