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Radio Free Nintendo: The T-Shirt

by Jonathan Metts - April 14, 2012, 2:48 pm EDT
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After years of planning, the RFN shirt is finally real, and you can order one now.

UPDATE: New t-shirt designs have been added to our shop! Now you can choose the original RFN "character art" design or a simpler RFN logo on a few different shirt styles, as well as a Connectivity shirt! And as always, every purchase supports NWR and its podcasts.

Creating a t-shirt based on a podcast isn't easy. We learned that after many failed attempts, broken promises, and difficult design iterations. Finally, the Radio Free Nintendo official t-shirt is finished. Your body is ready!

The original RFN shirt design features "character art" of Jonny, Greg, James, and Lindy, all provided by listener David Ochart. The overall graphic design is by Amanda Albert. The front features all four beloved RFN personalities arranged in the style of the classic "black box" NES packaging; the back says "NintendoWorldReport.com" and "Est. 1999".

The two versions available on our Spreadshirt store differ only in materials quality -- you can get a standard t-shirt or pay a little more for the premium American Apparel stock. Either way, all proceeds from shirt sales (at least the part we get) will support Nintendo World Report. There are several sizes available (may differ between versions), and Spreadshirt will ship almost anywhere in the world.

Check it out for yourself at the shirt's official website -- ninwr.spreadshirt.com! And thanks for your support! We'll have even more shirt designs coming soon.



I'm instabuy for a re-use of the pgc-era gamecube controller design...

purevalApril 14, 2012

Picked one up at PAX East and I love it. Great shirt with a cool design.

viciouskillersquirrelApril 18, 2012

So that's Jon Lindemann and James Jones on the top (Jon I recognise for his baldness, James from his surly expression) and Greg Leahy and Jonny Metts on the bottom. Jonny's hair I recognise from photos and I always imagined Greg to look like John Oliver from The Daily Show, so he fits too.

Ryadin91April 22, 2012

Is there a picture of someone wearing the shirt? I wanna see it. I might get this to support a really awesome show I love listening to every week!

Ryadin91April 23, 2012

Quote from: MegaByte

There's one from far away...

lol just Jonny, looks good though.

ejamerMay 24, 2012

Has anyone checked to see if the free shipping coupon works?

Coupon code: SHIPFREEUS

Not good for international customers (like me), but I ordered anyway.

LithiumMay 24, 2012

First off thanks a lot for listening to our feedback by providing one with just the logo. I just ordered the long sleeve shirt :D

Thanks for the support! We'd love to get your feedback on the product quality and photos of you wearing the shirts IN REAL LIFE.

NeoStar9XMay 27, 2012

What's the difference between the standard and the premium shirts? Are they cut differently? Etc?

TJ SpykeMay 27, 2012

Quote from: NeoStar9X

What's the difference between the standard and the premium shirts? Are they cut differently? Etc?

Just the quality of the material used the shirt (i.e. premium has higher quality material), otherwise they are the same.

It's possible the sizing is slightly different between standard and premium, since the base shirts are made by different companies. But the main difference is material quality and price. The ones I brought to PAX were the standard version, and they're totally fine -- I've worn my own several times already. If you want a nicer t-shirt that may last several years, the premium is probably worth a few extra bucks. NWR's commission is the same either way.

ejamerJune 12, 2012

Hmm... Good and bad news.  My shirts are in and I'll have them tomorrow.  Unfortunately they came with a $14.11 extra fee at pick-up, on top of the normal shipping fee, which is why I don't have them right now.

(EDIT: See below for a clarification. The extra fee was all thanks to Canada Border Services Agency, not UPS or anything else.)

Missed this gem in the shipping details page:

UPS Standard (Canada Only) Delivery to Canada typically takes between three and seven business days after your order is shipped. Tracking information is provided. Additional customs and duties (GST, HST etc.), plus a brokerage fee of approximately $10 for residential addresses are required. Orders over $200 (CAD) or orders with a business address may incur larger brokerage fees.

Oh well - should've known to check closer when ordering, and I don't really mind that much.  Paying for the initial cost with PayPal means that wasn't "real" money anyway, right?  So it's basically like paying $15 for two new shirts.  At least that's what I'm telling myself, and my wife who probably wouldn't feel that $30 per T-shirt was a good deal.

Other Canadians should take note though. If you are getting hit with a brokerage fee, make a bigger order so it's worthwhile!

Ouch. Is this a typical fee for home delivery in Canada? If it's specifically imposed by our shirt vendor, I may look into a better option for Canadian customers.

LithiumJune 15, 2012

weird, that didn't happen with me, i was just charged for the long sleeve shirt which was $28 with shipping ($6.99) it was $34.99 (was shipping to B.C Canada)

it did take awhile to get here though but it did eventually, no fees when it got here. Although i did ship with USPS international economy and not UPS standard, although the asterisk is still there on the shipping info page.

ejamerJune 15, 2012

I need to clear something up here.

Tonight is the first time I actually sat down and looked at the package, so now I know what's going on.  There are two options when getting stuff shipped to Canada: USPS and UPS.

UPS (and Fedex) will always charge a brokerage fee as described in my previous post. This is normal behavior for them and is something  you should consider up front in your cost if you choose to have UPS bring your shirts across the border.  USPS doesn't charge a brokerage fee, but your package still might be stopped at the border to have taxes and any duty added. If this happens you'll also get a lovely handling fee tacked on. Most Canadians will want to choose USPS because it is both cheaper and much less likely incur additional handling/brokerage fees.

Looking at my envelope closer I can see that I did choose USPS but still got hit thanks to the Canada Border Services Agency. First they added an extra $5.61 in taxes, followed up by an $8.50 handling fee for the privilege of paying them. So the added costs had nothing to do with the company sending the shirts, nothing to do with USPS, and everything to do with my wonderful government which deserves every penny (and more!) that they gleefully take of my hard earned cash.

On the upside, I import stuff including video games fairly regularly so getting tagged with this type of fee is probably long overdue. Hopefully it doesn't become a regular practice though - in dozens of previous parcels I've never seen this happen.

Edit: Also, tonight was the first time wearing my new Connectivity shirt in the wild.  My wife claims the NWR Ringer is the cutest one, so it'll come out next.

LithiumJune 16, 2012

Quote from: ejamer

...nothing to do with USPS, and everything to do with my wonderful government which deserves every penny (and more!) that they gleefully take of my hard earned cash.

Our dear leader will be glad to hear that

Thanks for the explanation and your support, ejamer.

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