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Episode 351: Finally Out of the Entertainment Biz

by Michael Cole, James Jones, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - September 22, 2013, 8:10 pm EDT
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The passing of Nintendo's domineering president and a money producing scheme he would adore: all in the same week.

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Jonny is out this week, although under much less dreary circumstances, so we're joined by the RTDJ, Radio Trivia host Michael "TYP" Cole. 

As tradition dictates, the guest leads off New Business, and TYP's got thoughts on playing Rayman Legends with a less experienced player. Gui continues the New Business Wii U man-train with mob-management brawler The Wonderful 101. Jon furthers his descent into the history of madness with Ninja Gaiden from the 3DS Virtual Console, and James answers your requests with initial thoughts on Valkyria Chronicles.

After the break we forgo Listener Mail and instead do something we rarely do: focus on news. First the crew reflects on the passing of former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi. All topics, from his maniacal micro-management of his company's transformation to his role in the reinvention of the video game industry are covered. In general, we just trade stories about him that sound increasingly impossible. 

Next up we reflect on Nintendo's announcement of Wii Sports Club, a way to digitally separate your grandmother from her Social Security check. No doubt Yamauchi would approve of this pricing scheme, but we really were curious if this foreshadows future business ventures by The Big N.

Remember, next week we're finishing our retroactive on Pandora's Tower. There's still time to play and get your thoughts in the talkback thread

Our thanks to TYP for subbing in this week. Be sure to check out Radio Trivia if you love video game music, especially if color yourself an expert.

This podcast was edited by Guillaume Veillette.

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chilenozoSeptember 23, 2013

The nostalgia on the Ninja Gaiden NES series comes from how hard they were and how cinematic was NG3, plus I would say the music. During those days NG had decent graphics, but gameplay was awful, in all of them. But different from you guys, I always said NG1,  & 2 are crap.  NG3 is ok, but very hard. That would be the only NES NG I would play on the VC.

Castlevania is different though, Castlevania 1 had great music, great atmosphere, and it was more playable than NG. Castlevania 2 had RPG elements that I loved...I would go back and play those games anytime.

PlugabugzSeptember 23, 2013

Gui, Just Cause 2 will frustrate. It's such a massive game but it feels so unfinished and unpolished.

Pixelated PixiesSeptember 23, 2013

This episode was great. The discussions of Yamauchi and Wii Sports Club were fascinating.

Great work guys.

Evan_BSeptember 25, 2013

Yeah guys... I'm pretty sure Wii Sports Club is going to have online multiplayer, not just score comparison. That would be a little silly, wouldn't it?

That being said, I think the pricing model is pretty decent, as the Miiverse integration and online play are reasons enough to purchase these games. Or even rent them.

The biggest problem with Ninja Gaiden is that it forces you to sit there and trial-and-error your way through incredibly frustrating areas until you figure out the PERFECT way to do each part. It's not difficult, it's just cheap.

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