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Lunistice (Switch) Review Mini

by John Rairdin - December 8, 2022, 12:15 pm EST
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I'm already eagerly awaiting a sequel.

Lunistice is a highly compressed, and highly refined 3D platformer. It presents a prompt, well balanced experience that leaves the player begging for more. While Lunistice doesn’t push its gameplay as far as it likely could, it is hard to argue against this excellence with which it is executed.

Gameplay is level based across several world themes. These worlds generally focus on a particular mechanic: grind rails, rhythm driven platforms, etc. Each world is split into two levels and while levels can generally be completed fairly quickly, there are a lot of optional collectibles to hunt down in addition to a high score system for replayability. The limit of two levels per world however ensures that no one mechanic ever outstays its welcome. On the contrary, at times I wished there were more stages in some worlds, as mechanics felt as if they could be explored more deeply given the time. That is overall the most significant flaw in Lunistice. It can often feel as if you’re only scratching the surface of what has the potential to be a much deeper game.

Platforming itself feels extremely responsive. There is a smoothness and weight to movement that feels very natural. For example, turning while running doesn’t immediately redirect you but rather arcs you into a turn. Your move set is limited to a double jump and a spinning attack. The spinning attack can also be used at the end of a double jump to gain some extra glide distance, or simultaneously to gain additional height.

The Switch release of Lunistice feels flawless on a technical front. The intentionally mid 90’s inspired art presents low poly models, and low-resolution textures, with an optional CRT filter to add to the effect. The frame rate maintained a very consistent 60 frames per second throughout my playthrough. Loading times are also prompt. The whole game feels extremely well-tailored to experiencing on the Switch with no performance difference between docked and handheld play.

Lunistice is an expertly designed 3D platform that succeeds at everything it sets out to do. Stages are well designed and replayable, platforming feels tight and responsive, and performance is perfect. Its only significant failing is how quickly it comes to an end, with many of its best ideas feeling underexplored. Lunistice feels like a tease of a hopefully much grander sequel that I can’t wait to play.


  • Fun retro visuals
  • Replayability
  • Smooth performance
  • Tight platforming
  • Feels like it's over just as you're getting into it.
  • Some mechanics are moved on from far too quickly

A review copy was provided by the publisher.


Cool Uncle VinceDecember 15, 2022

It's nice to see all these indie 3D platformers popping up.  How do you think this compares to Demon Turf?

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Game Profile

Genre Action
Developer A Grumpy Fox

Worldwide Releases

na: Lunistice
Release Nov 10, 2022
PublisherDeck13 Interactive

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