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Metroid Prime Trilogy Review Mini (Wii U)

by Zachary Miller - February 6, 2015, 6:42 pm EST
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Why are you still reading this? Go buy the game.

About four years ago, Radio Free Nintendo put together a list of games for the readers to vote on for the Game of the Decade (2000-2010) . Metroid Prime eked out a victory over Majora’s Mask to win that coveted title. Four years later, We hosted a March Madness-style tournament, with 68 “teams,” for readers to decide the best game of the last fifteen years. It came down to Metroid Prime and Super Mario Galaxy this time, but Metroid Prime defended its title and came out ahead in the end (by a larger margin than before). It, alone, is worth the price of admission.

But you’re also getting Echoes and Corruption. The GameCube games have been Retro-fitted (ha!) with Wii controls, which generally suit the old games just fine—the only thing that feels forced is visor-switching but you get used to it pretty quickly. The Trilogy’s only downfall is that you can’t unlock all the meta-game collectables anymore—previously, you had to swap certain tokens with folks on your Wii Friends List to unlock everything, but obviously that service is no longer available.

Echoes is the hardest Metroid game ever made, full stop. It makes the original look like a Leapfrog game. Our own Dr. Jonathan Metts has referred to it as “one of the most hardcore games ever,” and he’s right. It is outright difficult, obtuse, and at times frustrating. However, Echoes is also beautiful, staggering in scope, and mentally challenging. The puzzles in Echoes are among the best in the entire series. The Sonar Visor—acquired way too late in the game—is really cool, and Quadraxis is still my favorite Metroid series boss ever. The game’s light/dark world conceit is hampered somewhat by the fact that the dark world is always a bitch to navigate—everything is purple, Samus takes damage unless she’s within a force field, and the enemies are more punishing. But if you can push through the pain, there’s a lot of fun to be had with Echoes.

Corruption takes a lot of hindsight heat, but I still really enjoy it. Folks didn’t seem to appreciate traveling to separate planets rather than wandering several interconnected environments, but I thought it was a nice change of pace. Each planet is fully realized and lets Retro be as creative as they want to be. Elysia, in particular, continues to take my breath away. The game introduces only one truly original new power (the Grapple Lasso) while the rest are ridiculously limited in scope and feel like glorified keys, which is disappointing. However, the game’s plot does circle around to make a connection with that of the original game and I think Corruption has the best story of the trilogy. I can’t forgive Samus’ Galactic Federation commanding officer, however, who may as well be wearing a cowboy hat and riding a Clydesdale. Apparently, in a future where Earth is but one of several colonized worlds, there are still Texans. (Editor’s Note: Zach is an Alaskan, and if you know your history, Alaskans hate Texans for some reason.)

I’ll say one more thing: the Echoes multiplayer (up to four players, locally) is nearly worth the asking price alone (not really, but you should try it). Metroid Prime does NOT work as a serious, competitive multiplayer game, but it does work in really wonderful, hilarious ways . So I could say that you’re getting three single-player games, at roughly 20 hours apiece (more for Echoes), for free with the purchase of an amazingly broken local multiplayer game. Whatever you’ve got to tell yourself, the Metroid Prime Trilogy is absolutely worth it. And I got to tell you, if Retro ever remastered the Trilogy in HD? I’d buy it again, at full price. Because I’m that guy.


  • All three games are unbelievably good
  • Echoes has been nerf'd a bit, thank Arceus
  • Includes Echoes multiplayer, which is unwittingly hilarious
  • Three games for the price of one
  • Can no longer unlock everything
  • Would have appreciated Pro Controller support


ejamerFebruary 06, 2015

Regarding unlocking everything: can't you just download a Wii save file that already has the required credits?

I purposely built up a Wii save file with enough credits before the WiiConnect service was disconnected, and the Wii U trilogy used that save file by default so I'm golden.

CalibanFebruary 07, 2015

Echoes was nerf'd, how so?

InvaderRENFebruary 07, 2015

The bosses in Echoes are supposedly easier, if they are, god help you if you play the Gamecube version because they are still hard as balls.
Alpha Blog is still one of the scariest bosses in ANY game EVER because the save spot is about 15 minutes before hand... And they didn't fix THAT!  Lol, Alpha Blog... Never have my thumbs sweated so much! You scary fish!!!!

KDR_11kFebruary 07, 2015

I think MP1 and 2 have an easier difficulty added that is now called Normal with the original difficulty listed as Hard.

ClexYoshiFebruary 08, 2015

Quote from: InvaderREN

The bosses in Echoes are supposedly easier, if they are, god help you if you play the Gamecube version because they are still hard as balls.
Alpha Blog is still one of the scariest bosses in ANY game EVER because the save spot is about 15 minutes before hand... And they didn't fix THAT!  Lol, Alpha Blog... Never have my thumbs sweated so much! You scary fish!!!!

Spider Guardian used to take a whole energy tank every time it hit Samus. now you have the spring ball and it's crazy ass damage is toned down.

Boost Guardian also got toned down, as it used to do a half energy tank if it hit samus in it's morph ball form, even if she has the Dark Suit. with the Varia Suit, it takes a whole energy tank away in the GC version.

tendoboy1984February 12, 2015

"Would have appreciated Pro controller support"

How is that even possible? This is a digital re-release of the original Wii game, it's not a remake or remaster. The game was designed for the Wii Remote and it's quite simply the best way to play any shooter. I prefer Wii Remote pointer controls over analog sticks (which feel very clunky in comparison).

Ian SaneFebruary 12, 2015

Echoes is actually the one I found the easiest so I find it odd that it's the "hardcore" game of the trilogy.  I never beat any of the three but MP2 is the only one where I got to the final boss (well second last boss since you fight Dark Samus right after) and then the game that uses lock-on aiming suddenly asked me to aim upwards the whole time with a control scheme that is not all designed to do that effectively and I said "fuck this" and stopped playing.  I suppose the Trilogy version would fix that but I never liked MP3's controls.  I don't stay in one position for long when playing videogames and when the control scheme will move the camera around whenever you move the controller it just doesn't work for me.  I felt like I had to hold my arms out straight the whole time and got sore after playing only a few minutes.

With MP1 I got sick of fighting Chozo Ghosts every 30 seconds and drifted away to other games.  MP2's life-sapping dark energy in theory should have turned me off but it didn't because it actually has an easy "cheat" the other games don't have.  The dark world is full of force fields that refill your energy.  So I would use them to refill my entire life after pretty much every enemy encounter.  So, yes, I had a lot of patience 10 years ago that I might not have now, but I've always played games at a pretty slow pace anyway.  Still it might just be that no other game was stealing away my attention at the time so I stuck it out with the Boost Ball Guardian even if I was temporarily not enjoying myself.

While I can't vouch for the controls in this version, the Metroid Prime Trilogy is must play stuff so if you have never played them then get this now.

Luigi DudeFebruary 12, 2015

In Echoes if you conserve your ammo for the right moment it isn't that hard.  Most of the dark world enemies die really easily if you hit them with fully charged light shots with light world enemies doing the same with dark shows, and as Ian said, you can always abuse the energy refills spots in the dark world as well.  Even the Boast Ball Guardian which was a real bastard on the Gamecube version, dies pretty easily in that version as well if you fight him with enough light ammo saved up.

I can definitely see people who don't have enough light/dark ammo finding the game pretty difficult since some of the later enemies and bosses are pretty tough if you fight them with normal charged shots and missiles.  But it's kind of like Mega Man where if you use the light/dark shots against the enemies they're weak against and you have enough ammo, it makes things much less difficult.

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Genre Shooter
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