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OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (Switch) Review

by Julia Gomez - December 29, 2018, 10:19 am PST
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Fans of the show will think it’s a knockout.

Based on the Cartoon Network cartoon, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is a lively and colorful supplement to the show that fans are sure to enjoy. You play as K.O., a young kid who works at a bodega with his favorite heroes. All of K.O.’s friends are heroic enough that they have their own Holofoil cards, which show off their hero level and make them totally legit. K.O. hasn’t gotten there yet, but he is optimistic and eager to prove himself. When the evil Lord Boxman resets all the heroes’ levels to zero, it’s up to K.O. to go on quests to help them regain their levels.

While fighting Boxman’s evil robots, you level up your strength, speed, and style. You also learn new moves that make combos much easier. The combat style is pretty straightforward, especially once you’ve figured out the different types of robots. You do eventually learn moves that you can charge up, but with the speed of the battles, using them isn’t really worth it. You’re better off getting good at dodging. If you have a Holofoil card of one of your heroes, you can unlock their “Powie-Zowie,” which lets you briefly summon them into battle. These abilities charge up during fights at a reasonable rate, and it’s a satisfying way to knock your opponents down.

The game follows a very predictable format: K.O.’s mom drops him off at the plaza every day, he clocks in to work, and off he goes to complete silly tasks for his bodega buddies. There are random battles you can elect to fight, and boss levels every few days. It does get a little tiresome after a while. Walking around the plaza becomes a chore, and you rarely ever have to wonder at what your next task should be. Most of the plot-advancement is fed to you. That being said, it is apparent that the creators of the game cared about fans of the show. From the voice acting to the music, you can tell this game was made for fans. I’ve never seen the show, so for me some of the humor fell flat and I clicked through excessive dialogue. But those were minor flaws as far as the story goes. And fans of the show will probably appreciate the humor more than I could. All in all, this game is well made for its audience.


  • Entertaining story
  • Strong voice acting
  • Doesn't appeal to people who don't watch the show
  • Predictable format

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na: OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes
Release Oct 30, 2018
PublisherAdult Swim Games
RatingEveryone 10+
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