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Coffin Dodgers (Switch) Review

by Daan Koopman - April 5, 2018, 8:40 pm EDT
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The most impressive thing about the Grim Reaper is that he keeps this game alive.

One browse through the Nintendo Switch eShop, and it isn't hard to find a subpar racing game. Sadly, the store has been filling up with those as of late. Every time I see a game with the potential to break the cycle, I simply walk away more disappointed. Coffin Dodgers is another of those games, and it didn't leave me with much hope going forward.

In all sincerity, the potential is what’s most disappointing. Coffin Dodgers has a fun premise: You play as a bunch of pensioners that try to stay out of the Grim Reaper's clutches. The community members try to stay on top in a series of tournaments as ending last has a deadly result. It may hit a little hard, but the atmosphere is goofy enough to make it work. The presentation has a cartoony style, and the events in Coffin Dodgers compliment that fact.

Where it comes crashing down is in the actual racing. The controls are bad and the movement feels slippery and hard to stay fully in control of. I was eventually in a position where I could hold it together, but that became the primary focus for me. When you combine that with the other racers and Mario Kart-esque items, it becomes a lot to take in.

The AI of those other racers can be best described as aggressive. They constantly search for the right attack position, and will blow you back very hard. This creates some maddening moments as you might be forced to restart tournaments. Coffin Dodgers likes to see you grind, and earn just enough to get some crucial upgrades to your vehicle. It is a harsh ride close until the very last finish.

Outside of the story mode, the game has time trials and a local multiplayer mode. It is here that you play Coffin Dodgers' 13 tracks for fun. While the action isn't very deep, I did enjoy the extra modes. Some things can be forgiven when played with a crew, and the various options in here are nice. A good example is that you can pick how the screen splits for you, which is nice. Sadly, it isn't possible to share you scores or even play online.

Coffin Dodgers is more frustrating than fun. If you can suffer long enough through the game's short single-player campaign, the local multiplayer is worth considering. This doesn't excuse rough controls, aggressive AI, and the massive grind mind you. There is so much you need to take for granted, which makes it really hard to recommend. That is a shame, considering the premise behind it is super goofy.


  • Fun premise
  • Solid local multiplayer
  • Aggressive AI
  • Short single-player campaign
  • So-so controls

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Game Profile

Genre Racing
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Coffin Dodgers
Release Mar 13, 2018
PublisherWales Interactive Ltd.

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