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Human Fall Flat (Switch eShop) Review

by Daan Koopman - December 11, 2017, 8:50 am EST
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If you fall dozens of meters from the air, do you fall flat?

In recent years, I found myself partaking in a lot more puzzlers than I used to. Not that I dislike more action-y types of video game, but puzzle games have a slower pace that adds a different type of fun. Human Fall Flat, a title from No Brakes Games, is a slower-paced game that challenges you with controlling a little man through various obstacles and locales. While it isn't enthralling all the way through, the wonky controls at heart of the game are very charming.

In Human Fall Flat, you will control this white fellow. His limbs move around like strings of spagetti that have to be moved around to get through a variety of puzzles. Naturally, this is easier said than done as moving objects or pushing in buttons might prove trickier than expected because of the goofy controls and physics. The challenge comes from understanding the move set of the character and just running with it. Using this drunk movement to your advantage in absolutely glorious fashion is heavily encouraged, especially later in the game. The only problem I ran into is holding on to objects. I feel that in a few spots, the game was more strict than it should be.

While the puzzles grew more complex as I went along, I never thought that the Human Fall Flat was hard. In fact, I went through it all in about five hours. The puzzles primarily require you to take a serious peek at the environment, using its flaws to your benefit. Puzzles always have multiple solutions, so creativity is encouraged while you try to figure each trial out. The various levels feel like playgrounds filled with much to explore. It is best to not play too much in a singular sitting, as binging highlights a lot of the repetition here.

Human Fall Flat can also be played in co-op, which I highly recommend. Two sets of Joy-Con (or two Pro Controllers) are required, but a good chunk of owners should have the tools required. It is an absolute joy to create chaos or find solutions together. I really think that it came into its own with another person involved as the samey feeling just vanished. It creates new scenarios even in areas cleared in single-player, allowing for a more varied second run through the adventure.

Human Fall Flat is a fun little puzzler with plenty of hilarity in its scenarios. The levels feel like playgrounds where you could do whatever you want. With the ability to play this alone or co-op, plenty of ways are out there to create chaos. That doesn't mean it is all well and dandy, as holding on to objects can be a bit wonky and playing solo shouldn't be done in long play sessions. That being said, I still really enjoyed what this crazy game tried to do.


  • Fun character physics
  • Never becomes frustrating
  • Nice variety of puzzles
  • Perfect for solo or co-op
  • A little repetitive alone
  • Holding can be slightly wonky

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na: Human: Fall Flat
Release Dec 07, 2017
PublisherCurve Digital
eu: Human: Fall Flat
Release Dec 07, 2017
PublisherCurve Digital

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