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Rogue Trooper Redux (Switch eShop) Review

by Daan Koopman - November 8, 2017, 5:55 pm PST
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Rogue? Rougher around the edges is more accurate.

The original Rogue Trooper, published by Eidos in 2006, was a fun game through and through. The third-person shooter offered a solid mission variety that intrigued me back then. With your trusty assault rifle, which could be constantly upgraded, the focus was on surviving the rough terrain ahead. The great focus on cover mechanics and abusing the enemies' faults made it neat until the end. In 2017, Rogue Trooper holds up decently with a lackluster visual upgrade and the same experience otherwise.

In Rogue Trooper Redux, you play as the Genetic Infantryman Rogue. He is, seemingly, the last of his G.I. kind after a civil war shreads Nu-Earth apart. The Norths killed all other genetically created soldiers and it is up to Rogue to blast some revenge their way. Together with Southers, you will try to win the war and bring peace to the planet at last. The story is a bit over the top. Its moments throw you from a weird hole to the next, and you have no idea where it will end. Despite this I did find it enjoyable.

Back when Rogue Trooper was first released, the third-person cover shooters felt like a new thing. In reality, no one could do it quite better than this game. With progression made in that genre, the game's shortcomings become plainly obvious. The main character can put himself behind cover, but you can't see a thing. It makes striking back very difficult as shooting becomes impossible. More often than not, I had better luck just standing there and destroying many in a short time frame.

Luckily, many of its other gameplay traits are still pretty good. The shooting itself is quite satisfying with many options unlocking as you go on. Your assault rifle can constantly be upgraded with different weapon perks, allowing you to use it in a different way. Next to that, you will unlock abilities that make journey still tolerable. A good example is how you can use your gun as a turret, allowing you to freely move about and throw a grenade or two. More impressive is making a hologram of your body. The enemies will shift their attention away from you in the process, which helps to push onwards.

After 13 missions the campaign will be over. You can play it again to better your runs, but after a hectic 7 hours, I certainly wanted a breather. On top of that, there are two additional modes that can be played alone or with friends online. These see you either defend a point against waves of enemies or getting to a specific safety area. I had fun trying to overcoming the challenges with friends, but the lack of constant upgrades didn't make me enjoy it as much as the campaign.

Rogue Trooper Redux is for those with a distinct taste. I can't deny the problems found in its cover mechanics, and the visual upgrade isn't that grand. That being said, the hectic 13 missions remain a fun romp to get through. The campy story and amount of upgrades only elevate what the developers tried to pull off. Rogue Trooper requires a more aggressive gameplay style than I remember, but I can't really say that I'm bothered by it.


  • Hectic single-player
  • Pretty decent multiplayer modes
  • Solid amount of upgrades
  • Just alright visuals
  • Old cover mechanics

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Game Profile

Genre Shooter
Developer Rebellion
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Rogue Trooper: Redux
Release Oct 17, 2017
eu: Rogue Trooper: Redux
Release Year 2017
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