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140 (Wii U)

by Daan Koopman - September 19, 2016, 5:26 pm EDT
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Going through the stages at 140 beats per minute.

140 is a 2D musical platformer that isn't for everyone. It runs on a simplistic style that is nothing more than circles, squares, rectangular shapes and sharp colors. The shapes are mixed with dance club music that can quickly become earworms. On paper, this sounds like a completely incoherent product. And yet, I saw 140 through all the way to the end. It’s a trippy product, and when it wrapped up, I wanted more.

The game’s biggest issue is its length. Although the stages are long, each lasting about 20 minutes, there’s only three of them. The game doesn't waste time and immediately goes right into the action without explaining a single thing. It expects instinct to kick in – it’s a platformer, so let’s move to the right and see what happens. It made for a bit of a jarring start to the game when I had no indication of what to do with the shape on screen.

The main task in 140 is to find and return bubbles to matching goals in the levels. Each bubble that is returned adds a new obstacle to the environment. The other part of the game is keeping the rhythm. Everything moves on the beat, and it comes down to timing leaps of faith to reach the goals. There are some fun rhythm-based boss battles as well, which give a little bit more variety.

140 is a nice distraction, but sadly nothing more beyond that. The title felt like an appetizer for something that could have been a whole lot bigger. Although the game’s presentation is unique and the action is fun yet challenging, it’s beatable quickly and there’s no real need to replay it after the ending. Hopefully we see more of this type of game soon.


  • Controls nicely
  • Hot beats to keep you pushing onward
  • Simple yet effective style
  • No replay value
  • Way too short

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Genre Puzzle
Developer Abstraction Games,
Carlsen Games

Worldwide Releases

na: 140
Release Sep 01, 2016
PublisherDouble Fine Produtions
RatingEveryone 10+
eu: 140
Release Sep 08, 2016
PublisherDouble Fine Produtions

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