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Asdivine Hearts (Wii U) Review

by Daan Koopman - May 10, 2016, 4:57 pm EDT
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This is a role playing game, only notable for its platform.

When it comes to role playing games, I'll gladly sink a good number of hours into them. With the Nintendo 3DS receiving a flood of them lately, the Wii U certainly shouldn't be forgotten. The good folks at Kemco stepped up to the plate and decided to bring some of their mobile creations to the platform. With Asdivine Hearts, you aren't exactly getting a rough deal, but just one that you won't remember that much.

The story, feels a bit too generic for its own good. You are playing as Zack and Stella, a couple of kids who have known each other for quite some time. They are both orphans and almost ready to take on the world by themselves. While finding a wildcat on their stroll, a Light Deity possesses it and he isn't very pleased. He had intended to overtake Zach's body and now has to deal with this dire situation. This forces the trio to set out together and save the world from doom. From what kind of doom? A Shadow Deity that wants to destroy Asdivine. The story is told with dialogue alone and that is alright, but that isn't the problem with it anyway. The interactions between the characters is fun enough to push forward.

Traveling through the world of Asdivine is somewhat fun, but the set-up won't set the world on fire. You will travel from town to town, solve quests and get your move on to what is next. It is your standard RPG fare and doesn't really take any chances. For those searching for a classic styled adventure, they will likely find some enjoyment, but it is a slightly simple way to make a game. The characters look a bit generic, but Asdivine Hearts doesn't look anywhere close to bad. The world goes for that 16-bit flair and it works without fault.

Personally, I had the most fun toying around with the battle system. You place characters on a 3x3 grid and try to put them down in a way that benefits you. Brawlers should go to the front, while magic users are better off in the back. Each class has their own selection of perks that is unique, which gives you a reason to use a variety of classes. From their own positions, they can use skills and attacks to destroy every enemy in their path. It is slightly more complicated than I make it sound here, but don't worry, the game does explain it all really well.

At the end of the day though, I found Asdivine Hearts more or less okay. It does what it says on the tin and the game is competent enough to give it a go. There is nothing really outstanding about the game. The battle system and interactions are certainly fun, but I am unsure if most will be willing to sit through 20+ hours.


  • Battles fun to play through with
  • Enjoyable interactions between characters
  • Generic systems

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Genre RPG
Developer EXE-Create

Worldwide Releases

eu: Asdivine Hearts
Release Apr 07, 2016

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