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Zombie Incident (3DS) Review

by Daan Koopman - March 23, 2015, 11:57 pm EDT
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Pretty 8-bit there sis!

Zombie Incident is another of those instances where I had never heard about the game beforehand. When I first looked at screenshots of Zombie Incident, I didn't quite know what to expect. The game seemed to have a retro style just for the sake of it and I didn't know if I wanted to give the game a shot to begin with. Then I started playing it, the click came very shortly after. As it turns out, the game isn't just going for a retro look, but is in fact attempting to be a title from yesteryear. This has both its perks and disadvantages, but we will get to those as we move along.

The story is quite simple. You step into the shoes of the female hero, Nana, and roam around the cursed grounds of Hamartia. The citadel has been overrun with all sorts of monsters and no one has returned safely. Now it is up to you to restore the area to its peaceful self by collecting eight golden stars and destroying all of the creatures in your path.

The game plays straight up like a classic MSX or NES platformer. The only abilities that you have are running and jumping, so you will need the D-Pad and one other button of your choosing. It may not sound like much, but that makes the game so easy to understand and as a result you jump into the action rather fast. Zombie Incident goes by quickly as you will move through the environments at a swift pace. That makes it immediately fun to play again and again.

While you look through the 64 screens on offer, you will encounter various fiends who will stop at nothing to hurt you. By jumping on their heads, you will weaken and ultimately defeat them. This only works on a handful of green enemies at first and you will have to upgrade your skills for the different colored obstacles bit by bit. Destroying them is important as secret rooms will only open once the screen has been entirely wiped clean. What makes the task slightly mundane however is that the enemies are mostly the same throughout the journey. They aren't really trying to hide this fact either.

The only other major irritation comes in the form of transitions between screens. Instead of a nice scroll, the next field pops up instantly and it gives you barely any time to react. If there is a creature at the other side, the game just shrugs and tells you to deal with it. That factor is far from elegant and makes losing health quite a regular occurrence.

The game looks incredibly tight on the Nintendo 3DS. The various character and background sprites look colorful and make for a quite sharp looking package. This is even more true when you turn the 3D effects on and explore what else the world has on offer. The chiptune soundtrack also puts you in correct mood for the adventure and is sure to keep your energy levels up to snuff!

Zombie Incident is a fun little game, though there are some annoyances to be found. There is no smooth transitioning between the various screens and the enemies could have benefited from more variety. That being said, the action is constant and Zombie Incident is a sharp looking Nintendo eShop title as well. If you are searching for something to spend a solid few hours with, the title has you covered.


  • Action is constant
  • Solid mechanics
  • Very good presentation
  • More enemy variety
  • Screens transitions are a bit shaky


necro909March 25, 2015

I bought this game and I'm not sure I want to put myself through the frustration of playing it to completion. I had a lot of critiques of the game, but then I read that it's just a port of an old MSX game, so I stopped worrying so much, knowing the developer should be judged more on the accurate translation to the 3DS.

The game could be saved if there were simply health drops from enemies--just that one thing would have fixed it. But instead, you have to minimize your mistakes to an obsessive degree, which is hard when lots of enemies fly in irregular patterns near the ceiling, requiring pixel-perfect practice to jump on their heads without taking damage.

And while your character is beautiful and well drawn on the title screen, her sprite is squished to fit in a 1x1 block, making her look more like an overweight office worker. I think the only thing I really enjoyed is the amusing game over sequence where your heroine becomes a zombie, loses her jumping ability, and becomes doomed to walk the dungeon forever. This actually got me a little horny, to be honest, overweight office worker appearance or no. I focus my mind more on the girl from the title screen when it happens.

azekeMarch 25, 2015

Quote from: necro909

The game could be saved if there were simply health drops from enemies--just that one thing would have fixed it.

Your health is refilled when you kill all monsters in the room.

PhilPhillip Stortzum, March 25, 2015

Quote from: azeke

Quote from: necro909

The game could be saved if there were simply health drops from enemies--just that one thing would have fixed it.

Your health is refilled when you kill all monsters in the room.

Nowhere near completely does it heal you, though. If you get a star, the game saves your progress, AND your heart amount, so if you save with a low amount of hearts, you can mess yourself out of beating the game since hearts are hard to come by.

My issues with this game are that it's so repetitive. I can only bounce off the same enemy six times with periods of waiting before I get bored. It's just a tedious game.

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Developer CoderChild

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na: Zombie Incident
Release Mar 05, 2015
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Release Feb 26, 2015

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