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99Moves Review

by Daan Koopman - December 19, 2014, 4:46 pm EST
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Limited movement, close encounters.

Two months ago, I discussed 99Seconds. The title was neat, though certainly not the most appealing thing in the world. The next title in the series, 99Moves, continues the same trends. It does throw things around a little bit with the modes, but that won't benefit all players exactly.

In 99Moves, you control the humanoid ship V-99 once again and try to avoid obstacles to the best of your abilities. The game allows you 99 movements throughout a stage and you will have to take every direction change in consideration. The character can't stop for a second and this makes survival a daunting task. It makes the whole concept exciting though and I was intrigued how well I could survive.

Unlike the previous game though, 99Moves does not offer an endless mode. You are stuck with 12 different missions and this does not offer a lot of value. There is the option to go and improve your highscores, but that isn't exactly exciting to do here. You see, points are earned by being close to walls or collecting special power-ups. The player needs to go out of his/her way for a good score, which wouldn't be a problem if the level design wasn't so incredibly tricky. There are way too many tight spots at hand and your movement has to be precise to the nearest centimeter. Some will get a kick out of it I bet, but most are likely to just scream their way to the goals.

In similar fashion to 99Seconds, players have access to online leaderboards to share their accomplishments over the Nintendo Network. Even better are the local multiplayer options, where a maximum of five friends can duke it out. There are race, survival and arcade battles to be had and it is here where I had the most fun with the title. Playing this with my mates was a blast and we tried to trick one another to crash into walls and lose our precious moves.

99Moves is somewhat worse than the last entry. The presentation has not really changed much and the selection for the solo player is disappointing. Next to this, the game is more relentless and that isn't something that every player will find appealing. You will have a good time with friends though and it is worth playing if you always have a batch of people at hand.


  • Challenge junkies will like it
  • Interesting concept
  • Quite fun multiplayer
  • Going for highscores is not that fun
  • Look is not exactly appealing
  • Very little for the lone player

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Genre Action
Developer EnjoyUp
Players1 - 5

Worldwide Releases

na: 99Moves
Release Dec 18, 2014
eu: 99Moves
Release Dec 18, 2014

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