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Super Toy Cars Review

by Daan Koopman - July 25, 2014, 5:31 am EDT
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There are some unfortunate bumps in the colorful road ahead.

The Wii U has a good number of kart racing games with titles like Mario Kart 8, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed and F1 Race Stars. Super Toy Cars attempts to compete with a few unique features, but falls short of surpassing its rivals.

The Career mode in Super Toy Cars consists eight Grand Prixs, each containing six events, making a grand total of 48 events to play through. The game allows you to retry tracks at your leisure, which makes for a friendlier game than most racing titles. While the opponents can be frustrating at times, a retry is just one step away.

The various modes are hit and miss, with Evade mode, where players avoid mines, being among the least fun. The twelve tracks make for plenty of repetition throughout the various events as well. Money earned in the various modes allow players to purchase new cars and parts.

The game also offers a local multiplayer mode in which you can compete with up to three of your friends. However, the lack of online (which was present in the PC version) is an unfortunate oversight. The game features a track editor, but no way to share the tracks. At the very least, the game is colorful and it looks quite good as a Wii U eShop title. The songs though are repetitive though and repeat way too much.

Super Toy Cars ends up being a mediocre outing. For some, it might be enough to play through the content it offers and bust it out when friends are over. It is the best way to experience this title after all and it works all well enough. If you are playing alone, you can go through all the events on offer, but the lack of online features gives only limited appeal.


  • Game plays well enough
  • Local multiplayer is fun
  • Surprisingly forgiving
  • Various cars and upgrades to unlock
  • Events can become frustrating
  • Just 12 tracks
  • No online components
  • Songs are super repetitive

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Game Profile

Genre Racing
Developer Eclipse Games
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Super Toy Cars
Release Jul 24, 2014
PublisherEclipse Games
RatingEveryone 10+
jpn: Super Toy Cars
Release Apr 08, 2015
RatingAll Ages
eu: Super Toy Cars
Release Jul 24, 2014
PublisherEclipse Games

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