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by Jared Rosenberg - September 17, 2011, 7:53 pm EDT
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The creators of Trials HD dare you to defy death in a dune buggy.

Scroll down to the bottom for a video review.

Finnish game developer RedLynx is probably best known for creating the addictive and sometimes brutally difficult Trials HD for Xbox Live Arcade.  The studio's new racing title for WiiWare, MotoHeroz, takes the gameplay of Trials, adds platforming elements, and molds it into a colorful experience that looks and feels right at home on a Nintendo platform.  

Maneuvering your car through the 2D sidescrolling levels is accomplished with a Wii Remote held NES style. Holding down the 2 button propels your car forward, while holding the 1 button makes it go in reverse. The d-pad gives you full control over your car's balance and tilt. It’s exhilarating to save your car from cruising into a bottomless pit by adeptly altering your cars angle of descent at the very last moment. If your car becomes immobile on its back, a shake of the Wii Remote will flip it right side up. 

The single-player story adventure mode features 75 extremely inventive stages that show off RedLynx’s design prowess. All of the loop-de-loops sometimes make you feel like you’re playing a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Varied level objectives and crazy power-ups keep the single player mode from becoming monotonous; occasionally your racer will soar through the sky with a jet pack, or will need to navigate an underwater shortcut. 

It only took me about four to five hours to complete all the levels in the story adventure mode, but there is incentive to replay them. Players are challenged to earn a gold medal on every stage by beating them within a certain time limit.  Earning gold on every stage is not a simple feat, and will probably only be completed by the most determined individuals. Each level is also filled with coins to collect, along with two "ancestor spirits". Finding these blue spirit orbs will require players to explore every nook and cranny of the stages. 

Another source of replay value is the local multiplayer party rally mode. Up to four players can fight for first place in specially-designed multiplayer courses. This mode is a lot of fun and is just as addictive as the rest of the game.  While there is no online multiplayer component, players can partake in online challenge events. Much like the online challenges in Mario Kart Wii, RedLynx will be changing the levels and goals in these challenges at different times. Once a challenge is completed, players can compare their scores in online leaderboards. 

The game's graphical style does a great job at emulating the look of a Saturday morning cartoon. In fact, you wouldn't be surprised if Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner showed up in the game's desert level. The action always runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, and overall, the game looks outstanding for a WiiWare title. There are some nice retro-style tunes to listen to as you complete the levels, but a couple of them can become a little repetitive, especially if you are stuck on a level for a long time.

MotoHeroz is an extremely addictive title that is very hard to put down. Its stages are challenging, but they will never get you frustrated to turn off your Wii. RedLynx has built in a lot of content that should make this title worth playing for a long time. Anyone who enjoyed Trials HD, likes a good challenge, or desires a unique local multiplayer affair should definitely look into picking up MotoHeroz.  


  • Great local multiplayer
  • Inventive and fun level design
  • Lots to collect
  • No online multiplayer


coffeewithgamesSeptember 18, 2011

The fact they have online leaderboards is a huge plus I think.  I seriously don't know why this has not been a STANDARD for Nintendo.  Seeing a third party WiiWare developer take the time to set it up is really great, and I'm glad to see this game is getting solid reviews all around.

Fatty The HuttSeptember 19, 2011

I am sensing from the review that this game might be a bit like Joe Danger. Is that a fair comparison?

Quote from: Fatty_The_Hutt

I am sensing from the review that this game might be a bit like Joe Danger. Is that a fair comparison?

Yes, Joe Danger definitely shares some similarities with MotoHeroz.

Also, I have added a video review.

EnnerSeptember 20, 2011

A 1500 point asking price but it seems to offer a lot more than what I got out of FAST Racing League. I might pick this up sometime in the future.

xcwarriorSeptember 20, 2011

Going to pick this up in the near future for sure.

Fatty The HuttSeptember 20, 2011

Quote from: Penguin_Of_Thyme

Quote from: Fatty_The_Hutt

I am sensing from the review that this game might be a bit like Joe Danger. Is that a fair comparison?

Yes, Joe Danger definitely shares some similarities with MotoHeroz.

Also, I have added a video review.

Excellent video review (and text reviw too). Thanks. Definitely gives me the idea.

The thing that struck me about the video is that the action seemed kind of slow for a car-based game. I get the feeling that I would be wishing I could make the buggy go faster.

I want to try a demo of this game before I buy.

Killer_Man_JaroTom Malina, Associate Editor (Europe)September 20, 2011

I just converted some Star Points, so I think I'll put them towards this game. That is an unflattering title, but the idea of a vehicular platformer is fascinating.

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Developer RedLynx

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