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by Neal Ronaghan - June 11, 2010, 6:43 am EDT
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If you have a DSi and like good things, Arkanoid, and RPGs, then AlphaBounce is the game for you.

AlphaBounce is basically Arkanoid the RPG, probably one of the most novel ideas I've heard of since the genre fusion of RPG and match-three puzzle game in Puzzle Quest. Based on a web game, AlphaBounce puts you in the shoes of one of three prisoners serving sentences that require them to mine in space. The three prisoners separate the game into three different difficulties, which, while largely the same game, offer enough difference to make each difficulty a little bit unique.

The gameplay involves maneuvering through different sections of a grid in space, with each space containing Arkanoid-like levels to gain new upgrades for your mining rig. It makes good use of the two screens on the DS, as your paddle remains at the bottom of the touch screen, controlled by the stylus, and the top screen contains the bricks.

In each level, you can acquire power-ups that range from the basic multi-ball to crazy ones such as quasar, which opens up a giant hole in the middle of the top screen, and javelin, which allows you to shoot off blasts that will destroy any blocks in its path. The power-ups become quite integral as you go through the levels, as some levels will become extremely slow if you don't collect them. Occasionally, you will see absolute mayhem obliterate all the blocks on the screen while you try to move around. It's chaotic, but very rewarding. The game throws even more wrenches into the typical Arkanoid experience by adding enemies that move around and shoot at you. It's all manageable, but it does a lot to change up what is based in an old classic game.

You can craft different mining setups as you can use the paddles, balls, and add-ons to fit your play style. Different upgrades, such as the ability to shoot lasers and starting off with different types of balls, are collected by completing specific squares on the grid that are clearly marked. Finding out what upgrades do what and combining them is addictive and fun.

The only downfalls of AlphaBounce are some small issues. The game loads very slowly, and there isn't a way to back out to the main menu. Neither is a game-breaking issue, but it can get annoying.

The amount of content in AlphaBounce is immense. Boasting hundreds of levels, there is a lot of game in this small package. While game after game of Arkanoid can get a little tiresome, there is enough variety in the power-ups and upgrades you find to keep it fresh. AlphaBounce is one of the best games on DSiWare, and it's damn near a must-purchase if you have the means to get it.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
6 7 8.5 9 10 9

The art style is generally bland outside of a few cool space effects, such as the quasar power-up.


The music fits the space theme well and sets a good mood. There's not a lot of it, but what's there is good.


Controlling the paddle with the stylus works fine, and using the D-pad or face buttons to use power-ups is unobtrusive.


It's an Arkanoid RPG, which combines two vastly different game types and fuses them into an interesting combination where you play Arkanoid to find parts to upgrade your paddle, which in turns helps you play the game better.


There are hundreds of levels, and while the content might blend together after the first hundred, each level is still a new experience, and levels can even be replayed and experienced completely differently. The game also offers three difficulty levels that offer slightly different experiences.


AlphaBounce is a fine DSiWare title with lots of content for a cheap price. It blends two genres deftly, and is one of the best pieces of software on DSiWare not made by Nintendo.


  • Interesting game concept
  • Tons of content
  • Some interface issues
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vuduJune 11, 2010

This game has pretty much consumed my soul--or at least my DSi.

My only major complaint is after a few hours into the game there the RPG portion of the game pretty much comes to a grinding halt.  By this point you've found most of the best equipment and more ships (read:  paddles) than you could ever hope to use (especially since they're all pretty much the same).  I can easily go an hour without ever opening up the equipment screen.

But since the main game is so damn addicting it's a pretty mild complaint.

KDR_11kJune 12, 2010

I pretty much stopped playing when I reached hard, it's way too hard. Almost no powerups in the starting area and since you only have the standard ball and one paddle any errors = game over. The ball speeds up pretty quickly too so it becomes very hectic.

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