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Boing! Docomodake

by Francesca DiMola - May 1, 2009, 6:05 am EDT
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Charming, simple, and oh-so-much fun

I have to admit that the first time I saw Boing! Docomodake I was completely taken in by the quaint charm and overabundance of adorableness that surrounded it. Then I learned that the main character was based off of a mascot for a cellular phone company in Japan (NTT Docomo). Obviously, I was instantly worried about what the actual quality of the game would be given that fact. Unfortunately for me, it was too late to back out as I had already reserved the review and it was en route to my mailbox.

I am happy to report that all my worries were completely tossed aside the moment I began playing it. In fact, I would say it was the best six hours of play I have enjoyed on DS in a while. There aren't any words to describe the simplistic charm and endearing nature of Boing! Docomodake. It uses basic platforming and a wide variety of obstacles to create a fun and original game with endearing characters and intriguing puzzles. This charming tale emphasizes the importance of family and is a welcome addition to a genre that is sadly disappearing.

Papa Docomodake, the protagonist of the tale, is in search of his family members that have mysteriously gone missing. Each family member set off to a specific location searching for something and sadly found themselves the victim of misfortune. Now Papa must scour different areas of their world in order to rescue every member before the annual festival begins. After all, they're family.

There are a total of seven areas for players to explore and each area is designed as a chapter in a storybook containing a prologue and an epilogue. The prologue explains the missing family member's tale of woe, detailing how they ended up in such an unfortunate situation. It then concludes with an upbeat little jingle and a confused narrator asking the players "Now where could they be?" Each area consists of eight different levels that transition automatically into one another. Progress is saved whenever a player leaves a level, so they can continue at a later time.

The one element that truly separates Boing! Docomodake from other puzzle-platformers is Papa Docomodake's ability to separate into multiple mini-docomodakes. These minis are used to kill enemies, create ladders, and overcome a wide variety of obstacles that attempt to slow players down. Some of the obstacles include switches, cannons, blocks, rebounding walls, and warps. The game is made in a way that players must perform the proper actions in the proper places or else the level may be unable to be completed.

Some of the more interesting tasks require players rationing the use of minis. In one instance I had to leave a mini on a switch, some others inside of a cannon, and save some others to build a ladder to reach the finish line. Other instances will require players to squeeze into small areas by emptying Papa of all his minis or call for Papa to be larger in order to move heavy blocks. Players should always remember to keep at least one extra mini in Papa, because if he takes damage with none, it is back to the beginning.

Each level in Boing! Docomodake features a slew of collectables including coins and chests. The chests are usually filled with coins, which are later used to unlock bonus material, such as music in the Docomodake House. During later levels, chests will begin to contain an extra mini-docomodake that is crucial to successful completion of the game. In order to achieve the highest ranking,"S", players must complete the level as quickly as possible.

Boing! Docomodake requires players to use touch-based and traditional controls cooperatively to achieve their goals. Movement is controlled by the D-Pad and jumping can be done by pressing up on the D-Pad or pushing X. Players control the minis movement with the stylus; this includes stacking, throwing, and removing them one-by-one from Papa Docomodake. Cooperation between button pressing and stylus controls may seem awkward at first, but after some time, it's incredibly fluid. The only time controls become a bit frustrating are in close quarters, as it is incredibly easy to accidentally redeposit minis into Papa while trying to stack them instead.

The music within Boing! Docomodake may not be the most memorable, but it is definitely worth mentioning as it has a profound effect on mood throughout the game. If it's possible for sound to provoke a feeling of cuteness, this game has achieved that status. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to keep from moving your head from side to side in tempo with the bouncy music. At the end of every level, players hear a little jingle that simply goes "Doco, Doco, Docomodake." Believe me when I say that these three words will be stuck in your head long after the game is finished.

The game's charm is also carried into its graphical presentation. Featuring colorful 2D sprites on bright and cheery backdrops, the game world isn't the most detailed, but it is beautiful in its own right.

Every inch of this game just screams adorable and sometimes it's just too much to take…in a good way, of course. In fact, there's little bad to say about Boing! Docomodake; the entire experience is incredibly enjoyable from beginning to end. Good puzzle-platformers are few and far between these days and it is refreshing to have the opportunity to play one. While it may not be the most challenging or immersive title available, it is fun in its simplest form. With its budget price, no gamer should let this absolutely charming game pass them by.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
8 9 9.5 10 8 9

The graphics, like the rest of the game, are simple but fitting. Players won't find overly detailed environments, just bright and colorful levels with adorable characters, and enemies too!


The music throughout the levels may not be memorable, but it is incredibly upbeat. The small music clips, such as the jingles used during the prologues, epilogues, and level endings, are the most memorable in this title.


Controlling Papa and the minis is incredibly simple once you figure out how to balance the button and touch screen controls. Papa jumps flawlessly and the minis stack, bounce, and are maneuvered with excellent precision. The only problem is the small learning curve associated with mini-control in close quarters.


The variety of puzzles makes it hard to get bored, even in later levels when all obstacles are familiar. Players will find themselves having to use familiar tactics in new ways to traverse worlds.


Just as players may think the game is about to end, new areas always seem to be popping up. After every area is complete, players can redo each level for an "S" ranking or earn enough coins to purchase everything in the store, including one little item that makes achieving the speed run scores a breeze.


Boing! Docomodake may be simple and cute, but players shouldn't underestimate this bargain catch. It's full of character, emotion, and charm on top of the great puzzles and platforming it has to offer. It may not be long or complicated, but it is a great title offering a wonderful play experience that shouldn't be overlooked.


  • Enjoyable puzzles and platforming
  • Fitting music
  • Original concept
  • Maneuvering minis is difficult in close quarters
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Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusMay 01, 2009

Sounds like an awesome platformer game, I'm still surprised that Ignition started picking up a lot of niche titles.

KDR_11kMay 01, 2009

Has been out for half a year or so in Europe (but nowhere near bargain), I think it's been out for a while in the US too.

mamacitalewLauren Ronaghan, Staff AlumnusMay 19, 2009

I was actually pretty surprised at how easy the first bunch of levels were (just impossible for me to score higher than a C, though I usually ring in the Ds).  Now I'm stuck in the last half of the last level!!!  But I do love it, I do!!

Nick DiMolaNick DiMola, Staff AlumnusMay 19, 2009

I actually just started playing this and I'm really enjoying it thus far. It has a distinct Mario vs. Donkey Kong vibe to it. It is definitely much harder than it seems to pull down those S rankings. Even on the first couple levels I've had to try multiple times!

mamacitalewLauren Ronaghan, Staff AlumnusMay 21, 2009

I feel incredibly stupid  :-[
I was just finishing the first world. Now I'm on to Daughter's Town, haha.

Its ok. That picture of Squeak (the name of the cat with the mustache) more than makes up for that.

KDR_11kMay 24, 2009

I got it because it's pretty cheap now (has been out for months in Europe), seems pretty good so far.

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na: Boing! Docomodake
Release Mar 10, 2009
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