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Guilty Gear Dust Strikers

by Ty Shughart - May 31, 2006, 8:17 am EDT
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You put your paper bag on, you take your scalpel out, that's what Guilty Gear's all about!

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers is the four-player fighting game that's not Guilty Gear Isuka. Just so we're clear here, Guilty Gear DS is unique and exclusive to the DS and plays a world apart from Isuka. Guilty Gear Isuka plays like... Guilty Gear. GGDS plays like Smash Bros., or closer yet, Jump Superstars. It works, too. It works just fine.

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers has all of the characters from Guilty Gear XX (no Aba, unfortunately) and a strange new boss. Characters still have their entire move lists, as far as I can tell, including their super moves, roman cancels, etc. However, the controls are simplified to the point that simply pressing a direction plus an action button equals a special move. Basic chains can all be done with the same button, and some moves will now knock characters to different levels in the arena, adding a new dimension to combos. There are also a few items that can be picked up around the arena, like a roast that gives a health bonus, a potion that gives infinite tension meter for a few seconds, etc. These are optional.

The mini-games are not unlike the "Hey, use the stylus! Oh my god, touch screen!" mini-games in a great deal of other DS games. I would say that they're forced and unnecessary, but playing mini-games with Faust, Jam, and May has melted my heart. In fact, catching cats and roasts on a platter with Jam was strangely addictive, and I played Venom's billiards until I cleared it in two turns. Mini-games are good for unlocks, too. Robo-Ky is customizable in this Guilty Gear (like in Guilty Gear Isuka on PS2). It's a two-step process of unlocking the special moves by getting high scores in the mini-games and assigning them in the customization mode. Then, you can battle your Robo-Ky against others, not unlike a well-groomed Pokémon.

Story mode takes your chosen character through a number of four-way battles with some improbable, and well, bad setup dialogue. If you're after more details on Guilty Gear's storyline, you really won't glean anything new here. May is still allergic to bald people and I think a gay joke is made at Anji's expense. The character art you get at the end make it sort of worthwhile, though.

In keeping with Guilty Gear's fine tradition of unbelievably silly bosses, I'm pleased to announce that Gig is a large, bug-like thing reminiscent of similar nonsense bosses that you may have seen in some Final Fantasy games. It looks like a giant bug with an angel sticking out of its butt. Pretty awesome, but I think I liked the hentai superstar or the giant dog robot thing better.

The biggest drawback to the game is a lack of single-cartridge multiplayer. That would probably be pretty close to impossible to include though, considering the large amount of sprite animation that would need to be downloaded to each DS, but playing this game single-player really won't be entertaining for that long, either. If your DS buddies are getting it, you should get it too. If not, you might want to pass, at least until the game goes cheap.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
8 9 8 8 6 7.5

The sprite animation is well preserved on the lower resolution screen. It looks great. There is also some new character art waiting for you when you finish arcade and story mode.


Includes a few choice songs from Guilty Gear XX and Guilty Gear Isuka in great quality. Too bad it only seems like there are about six of those songs. At least they're awesome, though. Characters have retained their voice acting as well.


It's an entirely new, Smash Bros-like control scheme. It's really simple, so you'll be able to figure out some good combos in no time. Instead of a turnaround button like Isuka, there's a neutral guard function.


It's decent four-man fighting with some super cute mini-games on the side. Even with the new controls, it's a pretty good adaptation of Guilty Gear gameplay.


There's a good chance you'll be done with it in a couple days, unless you have some buddies to play against. It's a four-player fighting game, after all. Please adjust this score in your head accordingly.


It's pretty good, and the cute mini-games keep it funky, as if Guilty Gear isn't strange enough. It's not interesting for long without some people to play against, though. So you might want to skip it if your friends aren't getting it too.


  • Cute, wacky mini-games
  • Great control, graphics, and sound
  • Old moves with clever new ways to knock guys around
  • No Aba
  • No download play
  • Small selection of songs that often repeat consecutively
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Shin GallonJune 03, 2006

Mmm...if it plays more like Smash Bros. than regular Guilty Gear, this may be the one game from the series I actually buy.

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Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Box Art

Genre Fighting
Developer Majesco
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Guilty Gear Dust Strikers
Release Apr 25, 2006
eu: Guilty Gear Dust Strikers
Release Jul 27, 2007
aus: Guilty Gear Dust Strikers
Release Aug 23, 2007
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