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Outlaw Golf

by Colin Taibi - July 9, 2002, 10:00 pm EDT

The extreme athletics genre finally hits the natural next sport in line, golf. Golf?!

Outlaw Golf will be bring a surprisingly realistic golf engine combined with great graphics and more than a touch of attitude to the GameCube.

With a full roster of 10 less than typical golfers and their caddies, ranging from the ex-con Killer Miller in his modified orange prison garb to the Eminem envious Ice Trey, there is someone for every type of gamer to play as. Each character will have several outfits to choose from as well as have their own custom cut scenes to show reactions to their performance on each hole. Fail to shoot well and your composure will suffer making the controls less forgiving. And what better way to regain your composure then by delivering an unprovoked ass beating onto your faithful caddie!

Three very different themed courses are available for your par putting pleasure. Turnpike Valley Country Club with its beautiful highway overpasses complete with traffic and planes flying overhead from Newark Airport. Crusty Leaf Country Club with more water hazards then you would expect even though it was built in a swamp. And finally El Diablo Country Club where sand traps are common place seeing as it’s in the middle of the desert!

The main game mode is the tour mode with 30 different events over the three courses that when completed unlock new characters, new clubs, and new balls. There is also the Outlaw Range driving range which offers 12 challenges, that when won rewards you with stat points to improve your characters skills. Most extensive is the list of game types in the exhibition mode which include stroke play, match play, skins, best ball, scramble, my one and only, casino, and time attack. Also worth mentioning, play-by-play is provided by none other than Daily Show funnyman Steve Carell. With so many game modes to choose from and golfers to try out, Outlaw Golf is guaranteed to be a drive-smashing-caddy-bashing-bet-making-club-breaking good time! As always expect more screens and news form Planet GameCube as the release date draws closer!

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Genre Sports
Developer Simon & Schuster Interactive
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Outlaw Golf
Release Oct 29, 2002

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