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Let's Tap

by Pedro Hernandez - April 19, 2009, 9:46 pm EDT
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We tap into the hidden charm of Sega’s quirky Wii title, Let’s Tap

Let’s Tap is a game that has garnered a lot of attention from fans and the gaming media alike. In addition to having a quirky sense of humor and a funky rhythm, Let’s Tap also features an innovative method of Wii control.

To play, you place the Wii Remote face-down and flat on a hard and stable surface. The game then requires you to tap the surface left or right, and the Wii remote will pick up on the hits made by the player. You don’t use or move the Wii Remote at all or hit any buttons; you just tap. This control scheme proved to be unique enough to create more than one game based on the idea.

The first of these mini-games is Tap Runners, which requires you to tap left or right to move your on-screen character. Tap Runners features sixteen different courses with various obstacles and several levels of difficulty.

In Bubble Voyager, your goal is to stay afloat and avoid obstacles. When other players join in, however, it becomes an action game in which you have to eliminate the other player to win.

Rhythm Tap is a mini-game that resembles Nintendo’s own Donkey Konga games, as well as Namco Bandai’s Taiko Drum series. You tap light, medium or hard to the rhythm of the beat while following the on-screen guide.

Silent Tap borrows from the classic Jenga board game, integrating tapping controls into the traditional gameplay. As in Jenga, your goal is to remove blocks without the tower leaning over and falling.

Finally, the Visualizer is a mode created solely for the enjoyment and relaxation of the player. Scenes range from a firework-lit night sky to an empty canvas, and they are affected by the tapping of the surface. This creates unique images in real time, such as paintings on the canvas.

All mini-games allow up to four players. Let’s Tap is the first Wii game by Prope, a gaming studio headed by famed developer Yuji Naka. Followers of the game will be pleased to hear that the original Japanese soundtrack will be kept intact for the American release. Let’s Tap will be tapping into stores in May.


StogiApril 20, 2009


Followers of the game will be pleased to hear that the original Japanese soundtrack will be kept intact for the American release.


PeachylalaApril 20, 2009

I swear Naofumi Hataya must've dipped his musical wonder into this game.

(FYI, he's the composer for the Feel The Magic games, the JPN version of Sonic CD and arranged the music of both NiGHTS games with Tomoko Sasaki)

Going on my birthday list.

Best theme song ever.


Quote from: True

FYI, he's the composer for the Feel The Magic games...

Ugh. The first one made my ears bleed, and I was so displeased with the overall experience (and paying for it) that I never tried the sequel. I approve of both Sonic CD soundtracks, though.

So excited for this game. I just wanna tap like the penguins tap.
And I wish that the theme song played throughout my day. It makes everything better.
Step in a puddle? Crank up the Let's Tap song and you can't be sad.

StogiApril 20, 2009

Ya I can't wait for a high quality release of that song. I still bump it though, no matter how shitty it sounds.

No doubt, no doubt.  I hop in the lo-lo and just crank that sh*t.  Dippin' corners and everything, got those curb feelers, future tapping game.

StogiApril 21, 2009



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Let's Tap Box Art

Genre Rhythm

Worldwide Releases

na: Let's Tap
Release Jun 16, 2009
jpn: Let's Tap
Release Dec 18, 2008
RatingAll Ages
eu: Let's Tap
Release Q3 2009
aus: Let's Tap
Release Jun 18, 2009

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