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Trauma Center: New Blood

by Mike Thomsen - July 16, 2007, 6:27 am EDT
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Atlus reveals the sequel to its surgery sim for Wii.

One of the most unconventional experiences to be had during Wii’s launch was Trauma Center: Second Opinion, a port of the original DS game that had players saving the world on nerve-wracking surgical procedure at a time. Atlus recently revealed a sequel to the cult classic with several new additions.

Trauma Center: New Blood takes place 10 years after the events in Second Opinion, centering on two new characters, Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock. As the game begins Markus and Valerie are happily practicing medicine in a small Alaskan town, but soon enough the duo find themselves getting pulled into yet another world-threatening medical conspiracy that initially leads them to Concordia Medical Institute in Los Angeles. While details of the story are being kept under wraps for now, fans can expect the return of Caduceus, the medical equivalent of the NSA, and a sinister new disease to threaten humanity with total annihilation.

The biggest upgrade to gameplay comes in the form of 2 player co-operative play, requiring players to work in-tandem to complete each operation. As with the original, players will select their appropriate tools by pushing in one of eight directions on the nunchuk’s analog stick and then using the Wii remote’s pointer and tilt functions to actually use the tool. Incisions, for instance, are made with the scalpel by moving the Wii remote in a straight line across a highlighted section of the patient while holding down the A button. Likewise, forceps can be used to remove foreign objects, like giant wooden splinters, by aiming at the object, squeezing A and B and pulling back on the Wii remote. Also returning is the game’s Healing Touch feature that allows players to briefly slow down time by drawing a star on screen to help get out of tough spots. Atlus promises to support Nintendo’s wi-fi capabilities with a global leaderboard where players can post their high scores and best times for individual operations.

The structure of the game appears to closely follow the formula of the original with a series of anime-themed stills revealing the story in between surgical procedures. These story sequences will feature full voice-over, a big upgrade from the small handful of sound clips and static text boxes of the original. Atlus also promises the game will run in true 16:9 and progressive scan.

Trauma Center: New Blood is expected to ship this holiday season.

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Caduceus New Blood Box Art

Genre Simulation
Developer Atlus
Players1 - 2

Worldwide Releases

na: Trauma Center: New Blood
Release Nov 20, 2007
jpn: Caduceus New Blood
Release Jan 07, 2008
eu: Trauma Center: New Blood
Release Nov 07, 2008
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