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New Video Technology for the GBA

December 31, 2003, 8:31 am EST
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Watch real video on the Game Boy Advance, thanks to Majesco.

Majesco to Bring Proprietary Video Compression Technology to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance System

Game Boy(R) Advance Video Allows Full-Screen, Color Viewing of Live-Action Video, CGI Video and Animation

EDISON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 29, 2003-- Majesco Sales Inc., the sole operating subsidiary of ConnectivCorp, today announced that it has secured approval to apply its new video technology to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance system and create new products for distribution throughout North and South America. The technology enables the almost 17.4 million consumers who own a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP, to view a wide variety of content - including cartoons - without the need of any additional hardware.

"The power, flexibility, and vast installed base of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance systems opens up a potentially significant stream of revenue," said Jesse Sutton, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Our new video technology not only offers consumers an entirely new way to enjoy their Game Boy Advance, but further underscores our commitment to developing leading-edge technology and exciting new entertainment experiences."

Majesco's new video compression technology presently allows viewing of approximately 45 minutes of quality color video with the capability to view 90 minutes of color video under development. Approximately 12 video titles are scheduled to launch at retail in time for spring 2004.

"Majesco's technology fits in a standard Nintendo-manufactured, Game Boy Advance cartridge that is inserted directly into the system", said Kevin Ray, Chief Technology Officer.

"The video technology incorporates standard 'DVD-style' player controls and features color video across 100 percent of the screen, a significant advantage over most competitive technologies that limit viewing to black & white video and/or a reduced portion of the screen."

For further information about Majesco Sales, Inc., the sole operations of ConnectivCorp., please visit the Majesco website at www.majescogames.com.

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