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Nintendo Official Magazine UK Offers GC Demo Disc

December 11, 2003, 8:45 am EST
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Grab a copy of the latest Nintendo Official Magazine from any UK game store, and a few lovely surprises await!


In stores from Friday 12th December, the latest issue of Nintendo Official Magazine UK (NOM UK) is proving to be a big hit with fans of Nintendo, Pokémon and innovative, new GameCube games.

It's the first time NOM UK has come bundled with a playable demo disc. Readers will receive a three-level playable demo of Sega's Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg (with single and multiplayer options), an official inflatable Nintendo toy (Bullet Bill, Bowser or Ganondorf); PLUS a free pack of Pokémon STAKS, collectible character magnets.

The January issue's main feature is an exclusive preview of Pokémon Colosseum, plus there are previews of Prince of Persia, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mario Golf, Pac-Man Vs. and F-Zero 2 on Game Boy Advance. Reviews include Mario & Luigi, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, True Crime: Streets of LA, Mario Party 5 and Quidditch World Cup.

Finally, in keeping with the Christmas spirit, NOM UK has partnered with Electronic Arts, to give away a widescreen TV and DVD player package, as well as loads of EA games, all worth £2000. The issue is supported by in-store trade marketing as well as advertising in other Emap magazines, including Kerrang! and MATCH.

Kathryn Hinton, Buying Assistant at GAME said "We're very pleased to be stocking Nintendo Official Magazine's first playable demo disc, and it's great that it's for such an innovative title as Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. This issue of the magazine has only been on sale for one week, and it's already very popular with our customers. This deal further cements our relationship with NOM UK."

Stuart Bell, Marketing Manager at Emap Active said "Nintendo Official Magazine's remit is to increase our brand profile and awareness to both current and potential readers. Choosing GAME fulfils that objective, because we know that this demo disc package will go straight into the hands of Nintendo fans at retail."


SuperLink666December 11, 2003


F-Zero 2 on Game Boy Advance


dafunkk12December 11, 2003

Before fellow US gamers get in a jealous rage, make note that most mega-chain bookstores stoke magazines imported from the UK.

joshnickersonDecember 11, 2003

**smacks Nintendo Power**

See, THAT'S the kind of freebies we should be getting, not stickers!

*smacks Nintendo Power again**

akdaman1December 11, 2003

Would I be able to get it ? I am from Australia

Bill AurionDecember 11, 2003

I want an inflatable Bullet Bill! face-icon-small-shocked.gif

DjunknownDecember 11, 2003

The F-Zero they're talking about is the one that's based on the upcoming Anime series with Captain Falcon as the protagnist I believe.

I'd love to pimpslap Nintendo Power myself, but its not worth it. Any word on how the UK magazine setup? Does it take a more general approach, or does it pull a NP by catering to its younger demographic, leaving us older gamers out?

Still that's a nice set of freebies. How much for the magazine?

Hey akdaman1, just give your super-mega-bookstore a visit, there's a chance it might be there. I'm going to have to check one myself...

akdaman1December 11, 2003

F-zero for GBA is horrible , I played the new one ( falcon legend or something ) and it is horrible . I rather F-0 gx

Myxtika1 AznDecember 11, 2003

If this disc is offered in the UK, doesn't that make it a PAL region disc, thus making it useless for NTSC'ers?

WackerJrDecember 11, 2003

I'm gonna keep searching because although it's been out a week, I still haven't seen the magazine anywhere! (& yes I have been into GAME!)

Let's see if it's any different today when I go in because that's a quality offer!

(& yes I live in the UK!)

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