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Mission Impossible GBA Ships

December 9, 2003, 7:56 pm EST
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The operation in question? "Ditch the GameCube!"


IMF Agent Ethan Hunt Infiltrates PlayStation®2, Xbox® and Game Boy® Advance

LOS ANGELES - Dec. 9, 2003 - Infiltrating stores nationwide today, Atari's

Mission: Impossible® - Operation Surma brings all the action and intrigue of

the Mission: Impossible movie franchise to the PlayStation®2 computer

entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and the

Game Boy® Advance. Developed by Atari's Paradigm Entertainment, Mission:

Impossible - Operation Surma presents players with a true mission impossible

as they become IMF agent Ethan Hunt in an effort to stop the diabolical

plans of the Surma Corporation.

"With Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma, players will be thrust into an

authentic Mission: Impossible experience, complete with the latest spy

gadgets, stealth action, incredible combat and plot-twisting suspense fans

have come to expect from the franchise," said Steve Allison, vice president

of marketing, Atari Inc.'s Los Angeles studio. "The stealth action category

continues to surprise gamers with new and innovative game play experiences

and Operation Surma is no exception. Our unique connection to one of

today's strongest Hollywood movie franchises, will complement our focus on

delivering incredible game play with all of the powerful lead characters,

fascinating villains, elaborate double-crosses and cunning treachery of a

real Mission: Impossible."

In Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma, players step into the role of

Ethan Hunt as he traverses the globe uncovering the insidious mysteries

behind the malevolent Surma Corporation and its newly developed virus, the

Ice Worm, which allows Surma to break into any computer system in the world.

Armed with the hyper-cool, super spy technology and weaponry inspired by the

Mission: Impossible movies, such as miniature remote-controlled devices,

micro cameras, tranquilizing darts and character disguises, Hunt must lead

his elite team in preventing Surma Corp. from taking over the world.

Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma features groundbreaking gameplay that

empowers players to choose the tactics and game play style they wish to use

in tackling mission objectives. For example, as Hunt, a player can forge an

uneasy alliance with questionable characters in order to gain the upper hand

against an overwhelming enemy force; or, the player can charge in, blasting

away with the latest top secret IMF weapon; or, the player can slide

silently in and out of the shadows, penetrating enemy lairs unnoticed.

Ultimately, the nature of the adventure lies in the player's hands. Ving

Rhames, who played Luther Stickell in both Mission: Impossible feature

films, reprises his role by lending his voice and likeness in the game. As

part of the IMF team assigned to assist Ethan Hunt in his efforts, Luther

will provide critical mission intelligence, hack security systems and

generally sweep target areas clear of enemy detection devices, thus allowing

Hunt to penetrate more effectively.

Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma Features:

. Open-Ended Gameplay: Players will be empowered to play the game the way

they like. Take out a guard and dispose of his body, sneak behind the guard

and slip by unnoticed, distract the guard to another area, tranquilize the

guard remotely or even take him prisoner are just a few options at the

players disposal for nearly every situation.

. Super Spy Gadgets: As with any Mission: Impossible, the gadgets are where

it's at. Operation Surma will put dozens of super-cool gadgets at players

fingertips, including: The Wasp, a miniature remote-controlled "bug" with a

devastating "sting"; a directional microphone used to overhear distant

conversations; binoculars featuring a digital camera for evidence gathering;

Electronic Warfare darts for disabling critical electronic devices; and,

much more.

. Agent Moves and Abilities: As Ethan Hunt, players will have at their

disposal all the moves that any respectable super agent has spent years

perfecting, including: vaulting and mantling of objects; hand walking on

ledges; wall hugging through tight spaces; crouching and creeping to keep a

low profile; hand-over-hand maneuvering on pipes and girders. In addition,

players will be able to execute numerous stealth disabling, restraining and

finishing maneuvers on enemy characters.

. Gameplay Locations: Led by Mission Commander Swanbeck, players will

follow clues and undertake missions in exotic locations around the world,

including: the Los Muertos research facility in the southwestern United

States; Sansara Prison in Northern Africa; and, Yugaria, a fictional eastern

European country.

Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma is now available at retail stores

nationwide with an estimated retail price of $49.95 and an ESRB rating of

"T" for Teen. Additional information about Mission: Impossible - Operation

Surma can be found online at www.mi-game.com.

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