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March 30, 2007

TurboGrafx-16 Virtual Console April Lineup Wii

by Aaron Kaluszka - 9:20 am EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Hudson

Hudson's Virtual Console site reveals five upcoming games.

VC-PCE.com, Hudson's official Virtual Console website, has listed five upcoming games to be released in April. The first, Dragon's Curse, is a platformer to be released on April 2nd in North and Latin America and should be available today, March 30, in Europe. It will be followed by Bravoman, a quirky action game by Namco.


Japanese Virtual Console Releases for April Wii

by Aaron Kaluszka - 12:37 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: NCL Website

Nineteen games are slated for release next month.

Nintendo has posted the Virtual Console Japanese release list for April. This month's games are fairly region-specific; for example, none of the Genesis games were ever released outside of Japan, so it is likely that many of these games will not be made available to the rest of the world.

The...

March 29, 2007

Super Paper Mario Videos Wii

by Aaron Kaluszka - 5:00 pm EDT
Total comments: 5

Watch the official storyline trailer as well as more footage from GDC 2007.


Upcoming Virtual Console Games Leaked by OFLC Wii

by Aaron Kaluszka - 9:50 am EDT
Total comments: 29 Source: OFLC

Ratings boards hint at big titles in the pipeline.

The Office of Film and Literature Classification is the Australian version of the ESRB. Like the ESRB, rated games often appear on their site before they are officially announced.

Currently unreleased games already rated on their site include a number of hits. For the NES, Adventures of Lolo,... Read more...

The DS is Getting a Ninja Gaiden Title DS

by Mike Gamin - 8:02 am EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Famitsu via Game|Life

Team Ninja is making a DS game with a clever DS subtitle.

Chris Kohler over at Wired's Game|Life blog recently posted a rough translation of a poor scan from the latest Famitsu magazine. In it, a brand new DS game from Team Ninja called Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword is revealed.

Chris goes on to translate the parts that he could make out. Apparently the... Read more...

Cooking Mama Comes to Europe Wii

by Lasse Pallesen - 3:27 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Press Release

The Wii version is ready for consumption on May 11th.


Milton Keynes, UK – March 29th: Publisher 505 Games is today delighted to announce that the highly-anticipated Wii version of Cooking Mama has risen perfectly in the oven and is cooling on the cake stand ready for its final decoration! Players will be able to take a bite, exclusively on Wii, on May 11th.


March 28, 2007

PLAY! is Coming to San Jose

by Aaron Kaluszka - 10:01 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Press Release

Video Games Live isn't the only video game symphony touring the country.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 28, 2007 - Jason Michael Paul Productions, Inc. has announced that the next confirmed stop on the world tour of PLAY! A Video Game Symphony will be presented in association with Fanime at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 8 pm. PLAY! is a new concert concept that draws its scores from a catalogue of blockbuster video games.


PRIZE Radio Trivia Friday Night at 7:30p Pacific

by Aaron Kaluszka - 4:00 pm EDT
Total comments: 5

Name the tunes and win a DVD box set of classic Nintendo cartoons courtesy of Shout! Factory.

You could pout about how GeneralTraag has claimed Captain N as his prize, but shouldn't you be polishing up on your trivia skills so you have a chance of winning one of the three remaining box sets next time?

Remember wishing you could actually be in the game like Captain N? And who could... Read more...

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Announced Wii

by Daniel Bloodworth - 1:59 am EDT
Total comments: 66 Source: Press Release

Sonic, Mario, Tails, Knuckles, Luigi... all together in the same game for the first time ever. Weird tie-in, though.


Legendary Icons Appear Together for the First Time in Video Game History

TOKYO (March 28, 2007) - SEGA Corporation and Nintendo Co. Ltd. today made a historical announcement that two of the biggest icons in the entertainment... Read more...

March 27, 2007

Video Games Live to Perform at Yale University

by Aaron Kaluszka - 4:07 pm EDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Press Release

Video Game Pianist vs. Century-Old Pipe Organ


Esteemed Ivy League University to Host Historic First Collegiate Concert and Open-Public Educational Industry Panel

Special Performances to Include Video Game Pianist Martin Leung Performing an Exclusive Castlevania Arrangement on 104 Year Old Yale Pipe Organ


March 22, 2007

Opera Browser Pushed Back to April Wii

by Michael Cole - 7:25 pm EDT
Total comments: 23 Source: Press Release

The final version of Opera's browsers will hit Wiis next month. Updated with more details from Nintendo.

Opera's browser was scheduled for release in March...but not any more. Today Opera released the following statement:

Opera and Nintendo today confirmed that the Opera-powered Internet Channel for Wii will be available in April 2007, rather than in late March as previously announced. The final release date in April remains to be determined.


EA Gets Ready to Boogie Wii

by Daniel Bloodworth - 1:37 pm EDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Press Release

The studio behind SSX Blur is working on an exclusive rhythm game for Wii.

EA Announces Boogie, a New Music-Based Videogame Exclusively for the Wii

EA Montreal Delivers the Complete Videogame Entertainment Package to Gamers of All Ages Adding Another Title to Their Roster of New EA Intellectual Property

MONTREAL-- Electronic Arts announced today that Boogie™...

Ubisoft Gives Details on TMNT Game Soundtrack Wii

by Daniel Bloodworth - 1:28 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Press Release

Composed by the same duo that worked on Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

Ubisoft's TMNTTM Video Game Features Original Soundtrack Composed By Cris Velasco & Sascha DikiCiyan

Acclaimed Video Game Composers Provide Cowabunga! Action Music Score for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®

Los Angeles, March 21, 2007 – Renowned video game composer duo Cris Velasco... Read more...

March 21, 2007

Nyko Adds Store to Website

by Karl Castaneda - 2:04 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nyko

Now you can purchase products online.

Newly Expanded Commercial Website Offers Direct Consumer Access to Innovative Product-Line

LOS ANGELES - March 21, 2007 - Nyko Technologies, a premier peripherals manufacturer, today announced the launch of their new Ecommerce site, www.nyko.com/store , providing gamers and consumers a new way... Read more...

March 20, 2007

Ubisoft Ships TMNT for Everything Wii

by Daniel Bloodworth - 2:06 pm EDT
Total comments: 12 Source: Press Release

Practice your Ninja moves on Wii, DS, GBA, or even GameCube.

Ubisoft’s TMNT(TM) Video Games Leap Onto Retail Store Shelves

New Video Games Based on First CGI TMNT Movie Feature Classic Turtle Humor and Over-the-Top Ninja Action

SAN FRANCISCO--Today Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game developers and publishers announced that its... Read more...

Telltale Confirms Plans for Wii Wii

by Daniel Bloodworth - 1:35 pm EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Shacknews

The publisher hopes to release retail and downloadable games for Wii.

In February, we reported that Telltale Games was looking for programmers to work on Wii software. The job listing referenced adapting existing PC assets to the platform, raising hopes that the Sam & Max adventure games might be making their way to Nintendo's console.

Yesterday, in an interview with Shacknews, Telltale CEO Dan Connors confirmed that Wii titles are in the works:


March 19, 2007

More Pirates Coming to Wii Wii

by Daniel Bloodworth - 9:51 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Press Release

Pirates of the Caribbean games announced for Wii and DS.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Video Games to Set Sail on Consoles and Handheld Systems This Summer

Disney Interactive Studios’ Games to Enable Fans to Experience the Worlds of the Second and Third Films … and Beyond

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Familiar pirates...

March 17, 2007

Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Hear from You

by Aaron Kaluszka - 6:54 pm EDT
Total comments: 13 Source: Yahoo! Answers

Legendary game designer seeks to understand how people perceive Nintendo.

Yahoo! Answers is a social site that allows Yahoo! members to ask each other questions and provide answers. Occasionally, Yahoo! posts a featured question posed by a famous person. This time, that famous person is none other than Mario and Zelda creator, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Miyamoto asks a simple...

March 16, 2007

Happy 8th Birthday, Nintendo World Report

by Steven Rodriguez - 9:30 pm EDT
Total comments: 21

Yep, we're eight years old now. What were our past successes? What does our future hold? A letter from the director awaits you.

March 7 is a very special date around these parts. It's the day when we take a look at ourselves and realize that we've been around another year. Yep, it's our birthday. Unlike the last couple of bashes, however, this one isn't celebrating the birthday of Planet GameCube. If you've been following... Read more...

Final Fantasy III Gets a European Release Date DS

by Mike Gamin - 6:02 am EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Press Release

PAL territories will be playing the game on May 4, 2007.

London (16th March 2007) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces that FINAL FANTASY® III will be released on 4th May 2007 exclusively on Nintendo DS™.

Originally available only in Japan...


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