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March 31, 2001

GBA Colors go Crazy!!!!!11!!1!!11 GBA

by Michael Cole - 11:08 pm EST
Source: Camelot

3 new color patterns, baby! See it here at the Planet first!

Thanks to Camelot, the Planet has uncovered 3 new casings for the GBA. First up is the previously rumored Pink Cherry:

Next up is Rainbow:

And the craziest one, AYU Panther:

Is this a sign that Camelot might be becoming a Nintendo second-party? Or is it just an April... Read more...

March 30, 2001

WWF Games Confirmed GC

by Jonathan Metts - 6:14 pm EST
Source: GameSpot

THQ has WWF games on the way for both GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

GameSpot's Spring TGS coverage says that THQ's WWF Wrestlemania series is headed to GameCube, while the GBA will get WWF Road to Wrestlemania. Sounds like they'll be hooking up somehow. No word on who's handling development, but probably the same folks who did all the great N64 wrestling games for THQ.


Nintendo h4x0rs teh planet!!11!!

by Mike Sklens - 8:29 am EST
Source: FGN Online

ph33r teh l33t $ki11z of teh NiNt3nd0 h4x0r!!

Nintendo, in a surprising move, today hired ex-h4x0r Mathew Bevan (aka Kuji). Bevan was accused of breaking into US Military Computer systems. He excaped punishment because the case was dropped. Bevan then moved on to a job at Tiger Computer Security where was an "ethical" hacker and security consultant.... Read more...

Mailbag Needs Food

by Mike Hrusecky - 7:06 am EST
Source: Previous Mailbag Editions

The next round of YOUR questions and OUR answers is coming soon, but we want more! Send your questions to mailbag@planetgamecube.com.

The next round of YOUR questions and OUR answers is coming soon, but Louie wants more! Send your nuggets to mailbag@planetgamecube.com.


March 29, 2001

Nintendo makes noise GBA

by Mike Sklens - 5:35 pm EST
Source: GameBoy.com

Nintendo announces a new music making game for the GBA.

Nintendo is making a music game for the GBA. Game Boy Music will allow you to make your own tunes on the GBA. The game features 50 instruments. Plus, 4 players can hook together and have a jam session. And on top of that, the game comes bundled with a Pocket Speaker! The down side: the game is set only to release in Japan at the moment. A shout-out to BayouTapeworm of the Planet Chat for pointing this out to me.


Going, Going.....SOLD! GBA

by Michael Cole - 1:52 pm EST
Source: MCV USA

Come see the GBA numbers, and how the system stacked up against the others!

MCV has come up with a rough estimate of the GBA product quantaties sold with the help of Media Create.

531,000 units of hardware were sold in the week ended March 25 after just four days on sale. Comparatively, in the same week PlayStation 2 sold through 70,000 units, Dreamcast 29,000 units, Game Boy Color 15,000 units, Wonder Swan Color 11,000 units, N64 4,000 units and the PS One 4,000 units.


March 28, 2001

Gaming Edge Now Open for Business!!!

by Max Lake - 11:22 pm EST
Source: http://www.gamingedge.com

Planet GameCube's newest partner-in-crime is back in business! Who? Gaming Edge! Check out this great online retailer at their new digs!

Online retailer Gaming Edge has returned to the scene, sporting an all new website. We are happy to announce their grand re-opening! We are also pretty excited, because we will be working with GamingEdge in many exciting ways. Through our association with Gaming Edge, we'll be able to have contests and will keep you abreast of any special promotions they are having. The site is run in part by PGC writer, Justin Wood and is something he


That Nintendo/Sega RPG... RumorGC

by - 8:29 pm EST

So what's this about a Sega & Nintendo RPG game? Does Louie think it's hooey? Or does that bad motherkitty actually have some insight on the matter? See for yourself! (Like I'm going to spoil it here! Louie would HURT me if I did that!)

Sega & Nintendo RPG are Making a RPG. It will feature Nintendo & Sega characters. Nothing has been confirmed and details have been scarce. There is every indication that something is happening behind the scenes however.


GC not King of the Silent Hill?

by Michael Cole - 7:55 pm EST
Source: IGN Cube

Konami has stated stated that a Silent Hill game for GCN will be unlikely.

According to IGN Cube, Silent Hill will probably for GameCube will probably be denied.

...Imamura indicated that such a title would be too adult-like for the console. "Not likely," he said. "The machine will probably be good, but the demographic will be largely younger gamers initially. That doesn't really fit in with our market for the Silent Hill series."


GameShark for GBA Announced

by Jonathan Metts - 4:14 pm EST
Source: InterAct

Cheaters and hackers take notice: InterAct's popular GameShark code device is coming to Game Boy Advance, right from the start.

InterAct sent out a press release today announcing that GameShark for Game Boy Advance will be available at the North American launch with a suggested retail price of $39.99. The GBA version will come pre-programmed with codes for many of the early games, and it will also include a 6-foot USB cable... Read more...

Want To Buy The Wind Waker Soundtrack? GC

by Billy Berghammer - 1:47 pm EST
Source: Video Game Depot

We've been playing it for over a week, and been getting lots of e-mails for interested parties. Where can you import this soundtrack?

I have gotten truckloads of e-mails from people who want to get their hands on the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker soundtrack that we've been playing. It was released in Japan last week, but near impossible to import. And no, you don't need a special CD player.

So I contacted our import partners Video


March 27, 2001

Namco Likes Nintendo GBAGC

by Jonathan Metts - 9:08 pm EST
Source: IGNcube / Famitsu Weekly

I smell Tekken...

The newest issue of Famitsu Weekly has an interview with Yasuhiko Asada, executive managing director of Namco. Asada-san's comments bode well for his companie's future relationship with Nintendo...

"In addition, we are very interested in Nintendo's GameCube as one of our target machines because... Read more...

Kids addicted to games more intelligent

by Rick Powers - 2:24 pm EST
Source: Guardian Unlimited

While kids who are addicted to video games tend to be more intelligent on average, does it have any other lasting effects?

The Guardian has posted an outstanding article about the effect that excessive video game playing has on our youth.

Not surprisingly, to anyone who's actually PLAYED games excessively, while a moderate increase in aggressive behavior was noted short-term, there are no lasting effects.

In fact, gamers tend to be more intelligent on average than their non-gamer counterparts. (No surprise to our Forum members.)


Mad Catz works for the GBA

by Mike Sklens - 8:38 am EST
Source: FGN Online

Mad Catz will be making 11 products for the Game Boy Advance.

Mad Catz will be making products for the Game Boy Advance including an MP3 player, a PDA, and a car adaptor. They will be avaliable in multiple colors. More information will be revealed at E3. From FGN:

"The Game Boy accessories category expanded by almost 60 percent last year and shows... Read more...

March 26, 2001

Saffire Returns! GBA

by Jonathan Metts - 7:42 pm EST
Source: IGNpocket

One of our favorite developers shows up with new info for the first time in almost a year. Lego adventure game, anyone?

One of the surprise games shown at Camp Game Boy Advance was Lego Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga. The oddly titled game is apparently an adventure set in the Lego universe, according to IGNpocket's hands-on impressions from Camp GBA. What's interesting is that Saffire is behind the new game. We've... Read more...

New Tony Hawk GBA screens! GBA

by David Trammell - 7:31 pm EST
Source: IGN Pocket

The Hanger and Marsailles in all their GBA glory!

The Tony Hawk GBA preview was updated recently with hands on impressions from IGN Pocket. Now we have the screen shots to match those impressions. The game is a direct gameplay port of Tony Hawk 2, and it looks amazing!


Game Boy Advance Boxes! GBA

by Mike Sklens - 7:20 pm EST
Source: IGN Pocket

You've seen it before but now it's official.

Nintendo unveiled the final US packaging for the Game Boy Advance in the USA. Not surprisingly, it's the same box that we pictured a few months back and said was rumored to be the box. So, anyways, here's the juice:


Ken Lobb on GBA GBA

by David Trammell - 7:15 pm EST
Source: IGN Pocket

Nintendo's Ken Lobb speaks out on the development of the GBA answering such questions as: why no back light?

Ken Lobb speaketh:

"When we shipped the Game Boy Pocket, it was clearly a better thing than the Game Boy original. That size was seen as really important – the Game Boy was just a little bit too big. It wasn't very comfortable sitting in your back pocket…it was a little too long and a little... Read more...

Konami Confirms 2 for U.S. GBA Launch GBA

by Jonathan Metts - 6:31 pm EST
Source: GameSpot

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and Konami Krazy (Wai Wai) Racers are BOTH coming to a GBA near you in June!

When NOA released the first official GBA launch schedule for North America, the list of fifteen games was missing several notable games, especially from Konami. Now the popular third-party publisher has rectified that situation by announcing both Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and Konami Krazy Racers as North American launch titles, according to GameSpot. Expect more third-party launch announcements soon.


Enix's view on the GameCube GC

by Mike Sklens - 6:07 pm EST
Source: IGN Cube

What does Enix think of Nintendo and it's next gen powerhouse? Read this and find out.

IGNcube, the lucky bastards they are, recently snagged an interview with Kogi Taguchi. Taguchi is the director and head of software planning at Enix of Japan. Here's a transcript of the interivew.

IGNcube: How would you describe the relationship between Enix and Nintendo?

Enix Japan:...


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