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May 30, 1999

OperatioN updates

by Billy Berghammer - 7:12 pm EDT
Source: OperatioN2000

And Justin's on Vacation! Sweet!

Not bad for a holiday weekend! Webmaster Justin Nation takes a look at Square in a very sweet editorial, the mailbag has been updated, and there is a logo contest winner! Hey Justin...enjoy your break!


Two for Dojo

by Billy Berghammer - 11:01 am EDT
Source: Nintendojo

Shiggy working on a Dolphin game, and info on Matsushita's new plant!

Nintendojo serves up two quick but informative stories this weekend. One dealing with the big "M" working on a Dolphin game...

Shigeru Miyamoto is in early stages of development on his first "Dolphin" title. He reportedly has working storyboards for the game. Nintendo is also said to be working on a package of development tools so software development by 3rd parties could begin before the hardware is complete. --core magazine.


One more try..

by Billy Berghammer - 10:54 am EDT

More fun with crappy laptops

Alright, I'm giving another go at this with the laptop. Please bear with anything that looks stupid :) Everything will be back to normal on Tuesday. I miss my home PC dearly. But while I am away, if there is something out there that I missed, please e-mail me at this address! Thanks!


May 28, 1999


by Billy Berghammer - 7:14 pm EDT

Why is everything wacky?

Yeah, it's a late update right now, and I apologize. I am currently away from home. If something doesn't look right it's because this is my first time updating from my laptop. Yes, I took the plunge and bought a laptop for my travels. I ordered a laptop over the net in an auction, and I will admit,... Read more...

May 27, 1999

Spy Hunter on Dolphin? GC

by Billy Berghammer - 6:43 am EDT
Source: IGN64

Ahhh...the classics getting made on the Dolphin. Here's the goodies.

My god! One of my favorite arcade games of all time! I played this till my fingers hurt on my Commodore 64. Talk about load times! Midway is developing a new reincarnation of Spy Hunter for a Nintendo console. Now the big question is, N64 or Dolphin? Here's what IGN64 has to say. Thanks for the tip from Jim German! (I was playin' TFC last night)


May 26, 1999

Net Access Confirmed

by Billy Berghammer - 9:37 pm EDT
Source: Nintendorks

Surf with the Big Kahuna!

Well we were pretty sure of this already, it has actually been confirmed by the good people over at Nintendorks:

Though speculated since the first announcement of Nintendo's next console system, Tokyo Nintendo officially announced today that project Dolphin will have access to the Internet. This is definitely not "stop-the-presses" material, but just another thing to put on the Dolphin's tab.


Nintendo's Bright Financials

by Billy Berghammer - 9:33 pm EDT
Source: Nintendojo

It's all about the Benjamines. And Nintendo's makin' em.

Nintendojo has a sweet story on the big N's earnings for the past fiscal year. Too large to reprint the whole thing, but here's a little snip about how much dough they rolled in.

Nintendo raked in the equivalent of $1.35 billion in fiscal 1999, with a group current profit of 165.2 billion yen.... Read more...

More Zelda this year!

by Billy Berghammer - 4:34 pm EDT
Source: Gamespot

More Zelda? What's better than that?

Hell yeah! This will at least make all you people out there who are hungry for Zelda to hit the Dolphin (which you can almost guarantee) very happy. Some new form of Zelda will be hitting the N64. Thanks to Yutaka Ohbuchi (good to see ex-N64HQ-ers hookin' up with the big news) and Gamespot for the info...


Thee Mario Swiped?

by Billy Berghammer - 7:31 am EDT
Source: Nintendorks

The official Mario was swiped! Really!

Yes, believe it or not, but the actual Mario from NOA in Redmond, Washington was stolen. Damn, what a good hookup! Not that I would do something like that ;) . First, it's The Episode One film, now Mario. Thanks to Nintendorks for the dramatic story.

Last night, the sculpture of the one and...

May 25, 1999

Protecting 2000

by Billy Berghammer - 9:17 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo 2000 News

Info on Nintendo's copy protection plans!

Copy protection seems to be a very important issue for Nintendo with the choice of DVD with the Dolphin. Nintendo 2000 News relayed a story from EE Times about Matsushita's involvement with Nintendo in the battle against piracy.

We did not want to use CD-ROM," said Hiroshi Yamauchi, president... Read more...

New Links

by Billy Berghammer - 2:09 pm EDT
Source: Unofficial Nintendo 2KHQ

Links is good.

The official "Unofficial Nintendo 2KHQ" has been updated with a truckload of N2000/Project Dolphin links.


We got plugged...

by Billy Berghammer - 2:03 pm EDT
Source: OperatioN2000

And we return the favor! Read on!

Shamelessly of course! Big thanks to all the fine folks over at OperatioN2000. They have just posted a new Developer Profile of Hudson, and a new post E3 edition of E-mail bag is in full effect. Don't forget to vote for your favorite logo as well....


More E3 video details

by Billy Berghammer - 8:35 am EDT
Source: Video-Source

So what's on the tape?

So you really wish you were at E3 to see all the latest and greatest games. Yeah, you and me both my friend. I've been pimping Video-Sources E3 Video for weeks. And no, I'm not getting a free copy either. :( But seriously folks, this tape is gonna be amazing. Listen to how much footage they got this year....


May 24, 1999

Sports titles rumored

by Billy Berghammer - 10:44 am EDT
Source: FGN

You want sports titles? Dolphin's going to have em.

We knew previously that Retro Studios was currently working on some sort of sports titles for Dolphin, and Nintendojo and FGN has helped make that rumor become an even better bet. Look at this....

Nintendojo has published a rumor that Dolphin developer Retro Studios is developing several Nintendo... Read more...

Version 2.0

by Billy Berghammer - 10:10 am EDT

It's here!

Sorry there hasn't been an update over the weekend. Now you know why. :) I have been mulling over the idea of a full redesign since I acquired this domain, but never actually had the time to do it. Now I did. I'd like to thank Fire Cheif Chris from South Park Central, and Tommy Wilde from Milwaukee... Read more...

May 21, 1999

The truth about third parties

by Billy Berghammer - 8:35 pm EDT
Source: Next Generation

More about the third party situation

Next Generation gives us the lowdown on the truth about the three 3rd party game publishers. I'm very happy (thank GOD) to hear the biziches were wrong, and Nintendorks were right....

On Wednesday, the business trade, Asia Biztech, reported that Nintendo intends to limit third-party for Dolphin to only three companies. Nintendo in Japan (via NoA) that there's more to the story.


NEC's making graphics chip

by Billy Berghammer - 6:51 pm EDT
Source: IGN64

Who's making the Graphics chip for Dolphin? Read on.

Perfect Friday news eh? Looks like NEC will be producing Art-X's graphic chip for the Dolphin. IGN64 has all the details...

In a somewhat surprising move, NEC -- the maker of the PowerVR chipset used in Sega's Dreamcast -- has signed with Nintendo to manufacture the Art-X-designed graphics... Read more...

See it again...for the first time

by Billy Berghammer - 9:29 am EDT
Source: Star Wars in ASCIIMATION

Old school Star Wars

I think I filled my "Oops, I crapped my pants" adult undergarments after watching this. If you need more Star Wars, I think you'll get a kick out of Star Wars in ASCIIMATION. Someone definitely has a bit too much time on their hands. Thanks to Bluesnews.


Whew! Dorks on Patrol

by Billy Berghammer - 9:25 am EDT
Source: Nintendorks

3 Developers my Arse...

This rumor floating around about Dolphin only having 3 game developers was making me itch like you wouldn't believe. Fortunately the fine folks over at Nintendorks have squashed that. Check this...

The buzz for the last 24 hours has been that Nintendo is only allowing three companies to develop... Read more...

Operation is back

by Billy Berghammer - 8:25 am EDT
Source: OperatioN2000

Justin's been busy....but he's back.

Yes they are! I know that School has been a bitch and a half for Justin, so cut the man some slack! Anyhoo...OperatioN2000 has been updated all across the board. Rick Power's has given his lowdown on E3, they have a new developer profile with Acclaim, another edition of Mailbag, and the logo contest is at the final stage! Here are thumbnails of the finalists. Get over there and vote!



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