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Whew! Dorks on Patrol

by Billy Berghammer - May 21, 1999, 9:25 am PDT
Source: Nintendorks

3 Developers my Arse...

This rumor floating around about Dolphin only having 3 game developers was making me itch like you wouldn't believe. Fortunately the fine folks over at Nintendorks have squashed that. Check this...

The buzz for the last 24 hours has been that Nintendo is only allowing three companies to develop software for their upcoming console currently entitled project "Dolphin". When we spoke with a Nintendo Rep. this afternoon, we were told that this news came from Nintendo of Japan and was most likely translated incorrectly. For sure, the announcement will not affect NOA or American/European consumers to any significant extent if it is partially true at all. Here is a list of current software developers for Dolphin FYI:



Left Field

Retro Studios

Nintendo Technologies (A new company recently formed by Nintendo and is currently has their hand full with GBC titles.)

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