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Soul Calibur 2 GCN CONFIRMED!

by Rick Powers - August 20, 2001, 8:33 pm EDT
Source: IGNCube

According to IGNCube, Namco has confirmed ... Soul Calibur 2 will be shown at SpaceWorld!

Short but sweet, IGNCube has talked to Namco, and finally gotten the official confirmation that not only is Soul Calibur 2 in the works, but will be shown ( in arcade form) at SpaceWorld in just a few days!

For those of you wondering why this is news, let us clue you in. Soul Calibur is widely considered to be one of the defunct Dreamcast's "killer-apps." It was a better than arcade port, with outstanding depth of gameplay for a fighter, and magnificent play mechanics.

Soul Calibur 2 could be just the title that Nintendo needs to not only prove that Third Parties are serious about GCN, but that this is NOT a kid's machine.

Namco's support with this marquee title also increases the likely hood of versions of Namco's other hits, such as Ridge Racer V. Considering the lack of any serious racing titles, Ridge Racer would again give the GCN a much needed boost.

We'll have reports from SpaceWorld as soon as possible.

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