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Namco to confirm Soul Calibur 2 for Cube at SW2k1

by Max Lake - August 17, 2001, 6:34 pm EDT
Source: IGNCube

You may have caught the rumors and hints, but it's about to be official: Namco's soul burns for GameCube in a big way!

IGNCube has just been able to confirm that Soul Calibur 2 will be coming to GameCube, which means it’s probably safe for us to also say, BOO-YEAH it is! According to our sources this is very true and if you’ve been following PGC, we’ve been hinting at this for awhile too… In fact, buzz concerning the Namco weapon fighter on GameCube has been one of the worst kept secrets, one all but lacking the official confirmation we’ve all been aching to hear—and furthermore, report to our readers.

The game still isn’t “official” yet, though allegedly Namco is planning to make an announcement concerning the game next week at SpaceWorld, on August 23rd. PGC sources have told us that Namco is very enthusiastic about the GameCube, and that other projects are being planned for the system too. Whether or not any of them will be revealed at SpaceWorld remains to be seen.

For those of you who missed the revolutionary Soul Calibur on Dreamcast or its predecessor Soul Blade on the PSX (both games were also in the arcades), the series is somewhat similar to Tekken, though uses weapons and has its own intricate and engaging fighting system. It’s an incredibly popular game, and world famous martial arts stars Sammo Hung & Jackie Chan are apparently looking into doing a Soul Calibur movie

A follow up to Soul Calibur has been planned for some time for arcades, and was believed to have been developed with the PS2 in mind, though rumors of versions for GameCube and/or X-Box began to persist. Whether or not other versions are still be considered, it is now certain that Nintendophiles will be getting a piece of the action.

The GameCube version of the game is reportedly very early, and will likely only be glimpsed by SpaceWorld show goers. Similarly, there aren’t any game details to report as of yet. Still, the news that one of Namco’s best fighting franchises will be announced for GameCube at SpaceWorld is definitely cause for a celebration.

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