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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Edition Being Sold In North American My Nintendo Stores Tomorrow

by Donald Theriault - June 7, 2022, 9:22 pm EDT
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Vaya con dios, collectors.

Get your clicky fingers ready if you're looking to purchase the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 special edition: preorders open tomorrow.

In a post on the company Twitter account, Nintendo of America confirmed the package - with an art book and steelbook game case - would be open for preorder tomorrow. Similar announcements have been made by Nintendo's European and Australian branches.

Purchasers will be limited to two copies per account, though it is not confirmed if it will be an open preorder or if a fixed amount will be sold. More details will be made available when the sale begins.


KhushrenadaJune 07, 2022

Here comes the pain! Really disappointing to see another Special Edition without a soundtrack CD or downloadable album even.

Bungle4June 08, 2022

Yeah, they should just sell the book by itself with online retailers, then have a steelbook version like SMT5 did.

broodwarsJune 08, 2022

And the Nintendo store has been down the entirety of today. Man, who could have predicted this, besides anyone who's ever had to buy even a mildly collectable item from Nintendo before over the past decade at least?  >:(

Mop it upJune 08, 2022

Good luck everyone!

KhushrenadaJune 09, 2022

Personally, I'm not that bothered if I don't end up getting the Special Edition. I'm not that thrilled with the offerings of an artbook and steel case for the game. It's just that I've now got XC:DE Special Edition and XC2 Special Edition I'm doing it more to complete the Xenoblade Special Edition trilogy I got going on right now. But XC2 Special Edition is clearly the winner when it comes to looking like a Special Edition. XC:DE didn't even give a steel case for the game and the vinyl soundtrack was only in Europe so it wins as the worst Special Edition of the bunch. It's probably the thing that's also made me question getting Special Editions if all it comes with is an artbook. So, if Nintendo can't get enough Special Editions out there then I guess I'll just have to pay less money by getting the standard version of the game. Oh no!

However, I would note that Nintendo has been doing a better job of meeting demand for these things. The problem is they also have such a small initial batch that they offer that it sells out quick and gets people frustrated. XC2 Special Edition sold out at first but then ended up having copies available after launch for a few months on retailer's sites. XC:DE Special Edition also ended up taking time past launch to sell out. The SNES mini met demand and the NES mini ended up getting enough units out there later on to meet that demand. The Animal Crossing Switch console sold at the time of launch as lockdown started but six months later they were available again to the point that it seemed you could pick one up a year later. The Loftwing Amiibo sold out right away because a small batch made it to retail but its been restocked and available for months now. The Metroid Dread Amiibo initially sold out but also was restocked and available for months after.

I knew the chance of getting a copy now was slim and would be a lucky break but I wasn't that worried if it didn't happen because I expect there will be plenty more copies made available in awhile. It's in Nintendo's interest to sell as many of these extras as possible and I'm pretty sure they want to. Heck, when I finally got to see the page which just told me the item limit was reached, it mentioned that the special edition features will be shipping in fall. So, all your getting at first is the game alone and then later you'll get the extra stuff. Thus, if that's how they're handling it then I'm pretty sure they'll be more chances to order this Special Edition since there isn't a firm deadline that Nintendo has to meet for producing copies of it.

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