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Ten More Games Announced For Genesis Mini

by Donald Theriault - April 18, 2019, 6:38 pm PDT
Total comments: 10 Source: Sega

Featuring Sega themselves, Konami... and a monopoly.

Sega has now unveiled half of the lineup for the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini.

The second set of 10 games is:

  1. Earthworm Jim
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  3. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
  4. World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
  5. Contra Hard Corps
  6. Streets of Rage 2
  7. Thunder Force III
  8. Super Fantasy Zone
  9. Shinobi III
  10. Landstalker

Castle of Illusion was available in a bundle with a remaster of the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but World of Illusion and Contra Hard Corps have not previously been made available digitally.


ShyGuyApril 18, 2019

This is shaping up to be something! Licensed Disney games?

nickmitchApril 18, 2019

Maybe now Landstalker will have a better shot in the next RFN Retroactive Poll.

Luigi DudeApril 18, 2019

The fact they're dealing with Disney means we might get one of the X-Men games since they were some of the most popular titles on the Genesis as well.  Maybe Aladdin as well, but the music copyrights might stop that.  When Capcom ported their SNES Aladdin to the GBA they had to remove some of the songs since the music is a separate copyright.

Going for license based games certainly is a huge deal since there were some great license games on these systems that get lost in time because of copyright BS.  The lack of anything license was the biggest omissions from the NES and SNES Classics so I got to give Sega credit for getting some in this.  Very interested in what the remaining 20 are now.  Hey if they can deal with Disney maybe they worked out a deal to get Sonic 3 & Knuckles from Jacksons estate as well.

Spak-SpangApril 18, 2019

That is a good list so far.  Licensing the X-Men games would be good, but honestly those games don't hold up today, the graphics were great but not the gameplay.

Ian SaneApril 18, 2019

I am blown away that they got Disney games and I didn't even think of the possibility of X-Men games since I forget that Disney owns Marvel now.  They should hopefully get Quackshot since it forms almost a trilogy of sorts with the Illusion games.

Super Fantasy Zone was exclusive to Japan and Europe during the Genesis days so it's cool to see it included.  Perhaps some other titles that only got a European English language release will also make it.

They've revealed only half of the games and frankly the lineup thus far is good enough to make this worth owning, assuming the emulation isn't shoddy, which likely won't be with M2 involved.  And there are still 20 more titles to show!  Considering the SNES Classic had only 21 titles this is looking really impressive.  And Sega has already topped Sony with the lineup.  Apparently hiding the entire lineup doesn't necessarily mean you're hiding a lousy lineup.

Assuming this all turns out to be a great product and how this is not Sega's first attempt at a Genesis plug-n-play, would the market accept Sony (or SNK while we're at it) giving a second go at a mini-console?  The Playstation Classic could easily have been a good product if they beefed up the hardware to run the NTSC versions of the games and the lineup could have been better even with better choices of first party titles.  But then I guess we have to see if the market even buys the Genesis Mini or if the well been poisoned by the lousy Genesis plug-n-plays that have already been released.

I'm probably going to get it for Castlevania Bloodlines alone since I missed the boat on a real cart being affordable.

ThePermApril 19, 2019

Disney may own Marvel, but not necessarily the licensing rights for X-men games. That might take some time to expire.

If a game company made a deal with Marvel or Fox before they got all the rights back to a number of things some licensing may still be exclusive with some video game company. There also might be a difference between games based off the comics and games based off the movies.  Marvel was really sloppy with this stuff before they got bought out by Disney. There might be a delay before any games get made or published because of weird contractual complications. Likely there might be Xmen in games, but no games with X-men in the title.

AdrockApril 19, 2019

I preordered Sega Genesis Mini a couple weeks ago just in case. I’m still hoping to hear some impressions/reviews before fully committing. I’m cautiously impressed so far. Sega has been doing everything right.

I wonder how easy this will be to hack. Out of curiosity, of course. I didn’t hack my NES Classic or SNES Classic. I am also curious how quickly 8bitdo can release a six-button wireless controller.

ejamerApril 20, 2019

Wow... Sega is doing a great job with the games lineup. In fact, the latest 10 games are a step up from the first 10 revealed in my opinion. Still have my fingers crossed about Shadowrun making an appearance.

Fingers crossed about emulation quality, but with another 20 games left to go I'm already feeling excited. Very likely I'll grab one of these little gems.

Apparently M2 is doing the emulation so unless Sega gave them a literal toaster to run Genesis games off of we should be in good hands.

Luigi DudeApril 21, 2019

Quote from: pokepal148

Apparently M2 is doing the emulation so unless Sega gave them a literal toaster to run Genesis games off of we should be in good hands.

M2 is so dedicated even if Sega gave them a toaster they'd still find a way to perfectly emulate all the games on it.

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