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Many Mega Man Games Coming to Switch

by the NWR Staff - December 4, 2017, 11:33 am PST
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Mega Man 11 and multiple collections of old Mega Man games are coming in 2018.

Mega Man 11 and rereleases of Mega Man X through X8 are coming to Nintendo Switch, according to a recent livestream from Capcom celebrating Mega Man's 30th Anniversary. Additionally, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 will be coming to the Switch in 2018 with added amiibo support.

Mega Man 11, due out in late 2018, features modern graphics and appears to retain familiar elements and enemies. The last mainline Mega Man game came out in 2009 and featured a retro aesthetic. Capcom's Koji Oda is directing the project, and it seems like Capcom is developing it all in house. Mega Man 9 and 10 were both developed by Inti Creates, so this is the first internally developed Mega Man platformer since Mega Man X8.

Mega Man X through X8 will be coming to Switch in 2018 as well, though each game will be sold separately. Mega Man Legacy Collection features Mega Man 1-6 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 features Mega Man 7-10. Legacy Collection first came out on other platforms, with the first coming out on 3DS in early 2016.

Mega Man 11 is due out in late 2018, with more details being revealed in summer 2018. The Mega Man X games and the two Legacy Collections are set for a 2018 release.



azekeDecember 04, 2017

Mega Man Legacy 2 coming to Switch is good, might get this on 80% discount sometime in 2019...

Mega Man 11 looks like WayForward's budget project which should be a shame for Cacpom, but we all know they have long forgotten what that is.

Luigi DudeDecember 04, 2017

Nice that it's going to be Legacy 1 and 2 since I worried we might not get the first one since Capcom might feel it was too old.  Hopefully this means we'll get Disney Afternoon Collection as well since if they're releasing three different retro collections on a new Nintendo system, might as well go all the way with that other Retro game collection released this last year.

I like that we're getting a Mega Man 11 and some parts of the trailer looked good, while others looked rough.  At least the game is a year away so I'd hope they have plenty of time to polish things up.  The prospect of it being developed by a new team at Capcom is kind of exciting since it might result in some interesting new idea's for the series.  Or it could result in a team completely screwing up or just blatantly rehashing old themes even more so I guess it could go either way.

Oh well, at least the series is alive again so even if Mega Man 11 doesn't deliver, we can hope Mega Man 12 will the following year and maybe 13 the year after that. :P:

ClexYoshiDecember 04, 2017


I'm hoping the Switch gets the definitive version of Legacy Collection 2: 7, & Bass, 9, and 10.

nickmitchDecember 05, 2017

The X games being separate grinds my gears a little bit.  Would've strongly preferred a collection or two.

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