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Nintendo Strategy Meeting News: Super Mario Run Downloads/Sales, Fire Emblem Fates Sales

by Donald Theriault - January 31, 2017, 6:56 pm EST
Total comments: 3 Source: Nintendo Investor Relations (PDF)

And an updated count of Switch 3rd party titles.

Following the release of their 3rd quarter financials, Nintendo held a Corporate Strategy meeting this morning (Japan time) which provided some additional clarification on sales and news.

  • To date, Super Mario Run has been downloaded 78 million times, with more than 5% of downloads becoming full purchases (over 3.9m). Events such as "Golden Goomba" and an update to add an easier mode hope to drive increases in the latter number. As well, Nintendo did clarify that Animal Crossing for mobile was delayed due to Super Mario Run's Android release.
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon have shipped over 14m units, with a sell-through to consumers of over 13m units. Because of the demand, Nintendo has raised their sales forecast for the 3DS family to 7.2m units this fiscal year.
  • Global sell-through of the NES / Famicom Classic mini-consoles is over 1.5m: Nintendo is citing a component shortage as the reason why the units are still hard to find.
  • Although both Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates sold through approximately 500,000 copies in Japan, the games reached 1.4m (Awakening) and 1.1m (Fates) outside of Japan.
  • Switch preorders are "strong" according to Nintendo, and they are claiming over 100 games are in development from more than 70 different 3rd parties (retail and eShop). Splatoon 2 was also confirmed for voice chat support through the smartphone application mentioned at the Switch reveal on January 13.



nickmitchJanuary 31, 2017

They mentioned buying one of their manufacturers to be able to have better control over the manufacturing process.  That was a pretty bold move and, I think, a step in the right direction for them.

fred13February 01, 2017

Those new commercials that NOW AND NOE released today are really cool.

I hope they really do speed up Switch production... And not just a little bit

OedoFebruary 05, 2017

If that number for Fire Emblem Fates is reporting under the same criteria they used earlier in the year (only the initial path is one unit sold, and subsequent paths are counted as DLC), that's really impressive. It's easy to see why Nintendo is getting all this new Fire Emblem content out so quickly.

I hope they take their time with the mainline Switch game slated for 2018 though.

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