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Final Splatfest Announced: Callie vs Marie.

by Donald Theriault - June 30, 2016, 7:01 am EDT
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Anyone who took part in the last Splatfest probably saw this coming.

After over a year of off-and-on competition, Splatoon's Splatfests will end with the most obvious question of all.

The contests will come to an end beginning on July 22 at 2 am Pacific / 5 am Eastern time, with a two day duel concerning the subject of Callie vs Marie. To drum up support for the contest, Splatoon players in North America will receive an email survey to pick the stages used for the final showdown. There will be two sets of battles: Japan pitted against themselves, and the rest of the world duking it out, but the results will be combined and announced together.

A method for distributing the Super Sea Snails - the tools for adjusting gear - following the end of the Splatfest has not been announced. Team Callie is 9-6 in North American competition, 10-5 in Europe/Oceania and 8-7 in Japan to this point.


TOPHATANT123June 30, 2016

If everybody votes can run for 6 years why should Splatoon stop after little over a year?

OedoJune 30, 2016

I'm a little surprised they're ending these so quickly as well. It doesn't seem like they require much more effort on Nintendo's end and it was a good way to keep people coming back to the game. In that sense this is probably not a good sign if you were hoping for Nintendo to announce Splatoon DLC later this year in light of their weak first-party release schedule either.

DanteZXJune 30, 2016

So am I the only one that realizes that the only reason Nintendo is doing this is because Splatoon 2 is going to be announced for NX. If you look at most major shooter franchises, a new installment usually comes out every year to keep people coming back. Seeing how the NX is going to be announced around the time of tokyo game show, I wouldn't be surprised if Splatoon was coming out right after the NX launches in March. It'd be funny if Splatoon two launches the same day as the old one.

Spak-SpangJune 30, 2016


I think you could be on to something.  Splatoon is a great game, but there is so much more they could add to the game.  Including a 4 vs Team mode. 

But, most importantly Nintendo needs a competitive game for launch that will get people excited for jumping to a new system.  Personally, if I was Nintendo I would have NX launch with Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8.5 or Mario Kart 9, and Zelda.  2 huge multiplayer fan favorites and Zelda.  Mario can come next year.  Metroid could be the November 2017 holiday game.

nickmitchJune 30, 2016

The only reason to end the Splatfests is in preparation for a sequel.  They've got the new amiibo launching, so it's not like they think people are losing interest.  And NX launching with a sequel makes too much sense.

LemonadeJune 30, 2016

Its sad to hear this will be the last one. I will definitely have to join.

Also Callie > Marie

nickmitchJune 30, 2016

Seriously contemplating taking off on the Friday.  I haven't done a Splatfest in a while, so I'd love to just over indulge in it.

Callie is clearly the better choice.

EnnerJuly 01, 2016

The twin tails command me. Go Callie!

ShyGuyJuly 01, 2016

Not enough support for Marie in this thread. She is clearly superior. The Betty to Callie's Veronica.

jarodeaJuly 01, 2016

I don't see why a new sequel coming in, at the earliest, 8 months justifies ending a popular easy to do aspect of one of the few games keeping interest alive in their current system.  If anything I'd change them to lead to something sequentially that would ramp up before the sequel comes out that then links to its splatfests.  It would maintain interest in their ecosystem (regardless of what else they are doing they cannot do this enough), build more hype for one of their potential big launch window games, and then provide extra impetus to get an NX (like with interest, no matter how high this is Nintendo especially cannot have enough of this).

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