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Yo-Kai Watch 2 Launching September 30 For North America

by Donald Theriault - May 16, 2016, 6:12 am PDT
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Probably the one day there's absolutely NO RPGS coming out, right?

Level-5's mischevious Yo-Kai are making a return engagement on 3DS this fall.

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls versions will hit in stores and on the 3DS eShop this fall to coincide with season 2 of the anime and a new line of toys. Nate/Natalie will grab an upgraded watch and a whole new set of Yo-Kai, including some that are exclusive to one of the versions.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 offers gameplay improvements over last November's 3DS title, including online multiplayer Yo-Kai battles.


All the more reason for me to pick up the first. Been meaning to get around to it, but this means I'll have to jump on board soon :p. Glad it did well enough to warrant localizing the second.

MrPandaMay 16, 2016

The first Yo-kai Watch was moderately entertaining.  I heard that the sequel was much improved, so I'm looking forward to this.  Perhaps this will properly jumpstart the phenomenon in the US.  If not, it'll be a good appetite-whetter until Pokemon Sun and Moon come out in November.

PhilPhillip Stortzum, May 16, 2016

I hope LBX 2 comes over, too. I loved the original. Better than any Custom Robo imo.

Mop it upMay 16, 2016

I haven't bought the first game yet, but I liked the demo, so this is still good news. Too bad it's doing the two-version thing though.

ForgottenPearlMay 16, 2016

"Fleshly Souls"?  "Bony Spirits"?  Do they want people to make innuendo-laced jokes?

OedoMay 16, 2016

The battle system in the first game was too simple for me, but I loved everything else about it. If they improve that aspect of it (and it sounds like they have), I'm definitely in for this.

Vrgin XMay 16, 2016

The girl's name is Katie, not Natalie. ;)

Can't wait.

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