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Nintendo Releases Fiscal Year 2016 Results

by Donald Theriault - April 27, 2016, 1:04 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Nintendo

Anything sold on Wii U this fiscal year will be a bonus.

Nintendo did post an operating and overall profit for the past fiscal year, though numbers were down across the board.

Financial Indicators:

  • Net income 32.881bn yen (US$295mn, all conversions based on current market rates)
  • Net sales 504.459bn yen (approx. US$4.5bn)
  • Download sales 44bn yen (US$395mn)
  • Revenue from smart devices and licensing 5.7bn yen (US$51mn)

Hardware numbers:

  • WIi U 3.26m for the fiscal year, 12.8mn to date
  • 3DS family: 6.79m year, 58.85m to date
  • amiibo: Figures 24.7m year, 35.2m to date, cards 28.9m to date

Hardware projections:

  • 3DS family 5 million systems and 55 million software sales
  • Wii U 800,000 systems and 15 million software sales
  • No NX indicators given intentionally

Top Performing Games of the Fiscal Year:

  • Splatoon 4.27m copies
  • Super Mario Maker 3.52m
  • Yoshi's Woolly World 1.3m
  • Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer 3m
  • Fire Emblem Fates 1.8m (note: no European release)

Software plans for the year are attached to the article. Note: Dr. Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training is still on the docket for Europe.



NinfernoApril 27, 2016

Almost 400m for digital sales is pretty nice. The Amiibo money is good (but not something to be relied on) and 1.8m copies of FE Fates without EU is insane. Other numbers are shitty though...

Overall, kinda decent results, I guess? Hope the NX can turn the table, although I really won't bet on it.

EnnerApril 27, 2016

Nintendo'll be coasting for most of this new fiscal year, as far as we can see.

Good to see they are staying above the red.

tyto_albaApril 27, 2016

Dr. Kawashima's Devlish Brain Training has been cancelled for Europe since last month.
This sucks for me because i bought a 3ds years ago to play this title. But that's what you get for being a Nintendo fan.

It's still listed "TBA" on the release schedule, for some inexplicable reason.

Order.RSSApril 27, 2016

Do we put any stock in Project Giant Robot still being listed, without even a release year attached? Is that just business-speak for "this is in limbo for now"?

Leo13April 27, 2016

What happened to Rhythm Heaven on 3DS?

LemonadeApril 27, 2016

Splatoon has sold over 4 million copies. That means it sold to roughly one third of all Wii U owners. Thats pretty good

Quote from: Leo13

What happened to Rhythm Heaven on 3DS?

Listed in Europe, so I don't know. Probably sneaks out in the E3 press kit (such as it will be) anyway.

Quote from: Lemonade

Splatoon has sold over 4 million copies. That means it sold to roughly one third of all Wii U owners. Thats pretty good

A new IP getting a 30+% attach rate? Mind blowing.

Mop it upApril 28, 2016

Those sound like some ambitious projections for software...

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