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First International Splatfest Results Announced

by Donald Theriault - April 24, 2016, 1:14 pm EDT
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"Is this a civil war?" "No, this is Patrick."

Results from the recent Splatfest competition, which included the first cross-region event:

NA/EU/AUS: Patrick 373, Spongebob 327 (43-57, 55-45) At Bluefin Depot, the popularity curse continues for Callie. Spongebob's big popularity advantage required a 49-51 in order to claim the win, but fell by ten points to the super starfish. Patrick players reported a lot of civil wars during the event despite the popularity disadvantage, which may be a feature of the new Splatfest matching rules.

Japan: Tuna Mayo 354, Red Salmon 346 (48-52, 51-49) At Port Mackerel, it was a narrow duel between two different flavors of onigiri (rice ball), but Callie's Tuna Mayo side took a squeaker. With a narrow popularity disadvantage, the Mayo team spread itself into a tight battle victory.


tyto_albaApril 25, 2016

I was winning all my matches ranking first or second player with team Spongebob. Then, the US came online and things really turned around.

fred13April 25, 2016

"Patrick players reported a lot of civil wars during the event"

What does that mean?

SorenApril 25, 2016

They were matched up against each other.

fred13April 25, 2016

As in Patrick was on both teams?

"Civil war" in a Splatfest means you're facing members of the same team. They don't count for winning percentage in the overall, but they do give you points toward your rank.

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