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Yarn Amiibo Coming to Yoshi's Woolly World

by Neal Ronaghan - April 1, 2015, 3:25 pm EDT
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Do you hate plastic? Well, now you can have Amiibo made of yarn.

Yarn Amiibo are coming out alongside Yoshi's Woolly World this fall and they are made of actual yarn.

Coming in three different colors, the Yoshi Amiibo add a second Yoshi that can help you out while you play through Woolly World. This second Yoshi can be made into a yarn ball, which can help you in tight spots.

All other Yoshi Amiibo should be able to offer this same functionality as well.


UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorApril 01, 2015


SorenApril 01, 2015

I so want the pink yarn Yoshi. Damnit Nintendo...

ClexYoshiApril 01, 2015

Everybody is enjoying pointing out to me that there's one in the same color as my Yoshi OC and that i have to get it.

ejamerApril 01, 2015

Before seeing the photo: Meh.
After seeing how adorable those yarn Yoshi toys are: Oooh, I want one!

KhushrenadaApril 01, 2015

My will to spurn and not buy Amiibo is crumbling fast in the face of this epic cuteness. The Yarn Army is coming!



My god. They're beautiful.

Triforce HermitApril 01, 2015

I'm going to buy all three. These seem amazing and are actually a really good idea on Nintendo's part.

HellsAttackApril 01, 2015

"Who happens to have the cutest voice you could imagine."

Yeah............................................................those old voice samples from Yoshi's Story are awesome. Everyone loves them and they aren't the slightest bit annoying.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterApril 02, 2015

I want these so bad! Getting one for the whole family! If only there was 1 more color for my family of 4!

I have like 10 of the regular Amiibo but I don't really care about them. These however I will fight to the death for!

Screw you Nintendo. I told myself "Olimar and then you're done" but no... now they're adorable and soft...

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