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Woolly World Will Be More Challenging Than Epic Yarn

by Aaron R. Brown - June 13, 2014, 6:14 pm EDT
Total comments: 7 Source: Takashi Tezuka

Tezuka tells us it's simply a Yoshi game borrowing the Epic Yarn visual style.

Yoshi's Woolly World will be more challenging than Kirby's Epic Yarn, Nintendo designer Takashi Tezuka explained to us in an interview.

The difficulty level in Kirby's Epic Yarn was set pretty low for younger players, according to Tezuka. "With Yoshi's Woolly World, we don't intend it to be for younger players...we were going to make it a Yoshi game," he stated. "The courses beyond what we have on the show floor will get more challenging. And if you try to get all the collectibles, you'll find it pretty challenging. It'll push back."

The reason the game seems to be more challenging this time around is because there is a lack of Baby Mario, which lets you die from enemies. You can also die by falling in pits. These added elements make it "easy to raise the difficulty level as needed," said Tezuka. "It's kind of like Mario."

Be sure to check back early next week for the full interview with Takashi Tezuka for more on Woolly World, Mario Maker, and more.


This is really good to hear. I loved the art style in Kirby's Epic Yarn but got disinterested due to the lack of challenge.

marvel_moviefan_2012June 13, 2014

Aren't all Kirby games generally super easy though?

azekeJune 13, 2014

100%–ing Epic Yarn is really intense though.

Triforce HermitJune 13, 2014

As long as the concept of death in a level is in there, I am happy. You couldn't die in Epic Yarn, you just continually lost points.

Also: no crying babies, please.

MagicCow64June 13, 2014

Quote from: azeke

100%–ing Epic Yarn is really intense though.

Haha, fuck yeah it was. It's also insanely hard to get all melons in every level of Yoshi's Story.

Luigi DudeJune 14, 2014

Trying to 100% Epic Yarn did provide some challenge but it was still far below the 100% challenge Wario Land Shake It provided.  The hardest challenges in Epic Yarn would have been considered mid-game level challenges in Shake It at best.  Nothing in Epic Yarn even comes close to the Treasures and Missions that the later half of Shake It had, which is what really disappointed me about Kirby since the game didn't make full use of the talent Good Feel is capable of. 

Hearing they'll be making Yoshi more challenging makes me happy since it'll allow Good Feel to make something closer in quality to Wario Land: Shake It which was the true masterpiece from that studio last gen.

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