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Nintendo Downloads - December 19, 2013

by James Dawson - December 19, 2013, 8:14 pm EST
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This week we have two more Sega 3D remasters, as well as a few original eShop titles. 

Yet again, we have two new Sega 3D remaster titles this week. But for those that would rather not revisit their childhood, there's Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles and Knytt Underground to keep them satisfied.

Wii U eShop Sales

Little Inferno - $4.99, December 19 to January 2

3DS eShop Games

3D Streets of Rage - $5.99

Re-experience this arcade classic for the first time in 3D. 3D Streets of Rage puts you in the middle of the mayhem as you pulverize thugs to return the city to its crime free glory days.

3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - $5.99

Yet another 3D remaster of an arcade classic, 3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master gives you the chance to tackle the Shadow Master in stunning stereoscopic 3D. There's no better way to slaughter hordes of bio-ninjas.

Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles - $3.99

Take control of Morris the Monkey and explore seven jungles, with over 300 puzzles to complete in this 3DS puzzle platformer. This could be the next best thing to Catrap.

Winter Sports: Feel the Spirit - $9.99

Maybe arcade titles and puzzle games aren't your thing; well, you can always keep your gaming seasonal with Winter Sports: Feel the Spirit. It doesn't feature everyone's favorite plumber or hedgehog, but it does feature over seven different winter sports.

Wii U eShop Games

Knytt Underground - $12.99

If you're still not satisfied, there's always the decidedly more mature game (that's right, it's rated M), Knytt Underground. It's a platformer set in a post-apocalyptic setting, with a Limbo-like aesthetic; what more could you ask for?

3DS Virtual Console

Crash 'n The Boys Street Challenge - $4.99

If you enjoyed River City Ransom, maybe you'll like this game. Crash 'n The Boys Street Challenge takes the presentation of River City Ransom, but instead of fighting, you'll be completing several sporting events.

Wii U Virtual Console

Castlevania - $4.99

Castlevania speaks for itself. If you'd like to experience the series before the term "Medtroidvania" was coined, then this is the perfect place to start.

eShop Demos

Nano Assault Neo

Brunch Panic

World Conqueror 3D


Whole mess of 3DS eShop sales right now:

- Renegade Kid games on sale for two weeks: Mutant Mudds for $4.49 (with new levels soon), ATV Wild Ride 3D $3.99, Bomb Monkey $2.49
- Nicalis sale through January 3: Cave Story $6.99, VVVVVV $4.99, Ikachan $2.99, NightSky $4.99
- Project X Zone $14.99 ($20 off) until January 1
- Nano Assault EX is $9.99 and has a demo as well
- Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns is $19.99 ($20 off) until January 31 and Hometown Story is $10 off (I have $30.99, so it's probably $29.99 US)
- PacMan and the Ghostly Adventure is $19.99 ($20 off) until December 25
- Power Rangers Megaforce is $19.99 ($15 off) until January 1

Seriously, the sale tab on the 3DS is into three pages now.

Leo13December 20, 2013

Thanks for the update on that 3DS sale. I had no idea. Best Buy is putting eShop gift cards on sale starting Sunday 20% off.

CericDecember 20, 2013

Quote from: Leo13

Thanks for the update on that 3DS sale. I had no idea. Best Buy is putting eShop gift cards on sale starting Sunday 20% off.

Again?  I made out really good with that deal earlier this month.  20% off + $20 Rewardzone Certificate.

Leo13December 20, 2013

Stock up man. You know you'll spend a decent chunk of change on Nintendo games over the next year, pay now and get a nice savings. (technically not now, but starting Sunday)

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