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KnapNok Games Discusses Future Spin the Bottle Updates

by Daan Koopman - August 2, 2013, 3:06 pm EDT
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The first update might use the GamePad's camera!

Spin the Bottle may be updated to incorporate the GamePad's front facing camera.

During our recent interview with KnapNok Games' Lau Krosgaard, we asked if future content is already in the works. Krosgaard replied: ''Right now, we are exploring... hmm... so this is kind of not official yet, but let's say it to the world! [Laughs] I think our next update would be themed around the camera. We don't really use that in these minigames, we have ideas of how to use the camera in some weird ways. So that is actually going to be our next update.''

We also asked Krosgaard if the community might have any say in what content to include in future updates. He confirmed that it is one of his goals: ''I would really love to  make an update which is more like a community update. I would like ideas from our fans, so that is our long term goal. Let us see what we can do.'' KnapNok's plans don't stop there however. Krosgaard went on to say that ''One thing I would really love to include at some point is the option of making your own extra rules. While you play, you write down an extra rule and be like ''That is rule of this game!'' But then, maybe make an option to share those rules between players in the Miiverse. That would be really crazy. ''

Spin the Bottle will hit the eShop on August 8, both in North America and Europe. In the meantime, you can hear our full interview with Krosgaard here.

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